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How to Beat Every Robot Master in Mega Man

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to beat the six Robot Masters in the original Mega Man, which comes bundled with Mega Man Legacy Collection, releasing August 25 for PS4, Xbox One and PC at $14.99. In addition to offering strategies for each boss, we’ll also tell you which weapon Mega Man will receive. 

Capcom’s beloved Mega Man series follows the rock-paper-scissors formula, where it’s best to use specific weapons against the different Robot Masters, all of which provide a valuable weapon in return upon defeat.  Although you can beat these bosses using the default Mega Buster, each battle will last considerably longer. 

Cut Man

One of the most iconic bosses in Mega Man history will give you his Rolling Cutter, but he won’t simply hand it over. You’re in for a tough battle, and it’s best to use the Super Arm to gain the advantage. Avoid his boomerang-like Super Cutter, and keep in mind Cut Man can move around while his weapon is in motion. Finally, do not let him jump on Mega Man. 

Guts Man

The powerful Guts Man has plenty of courage and willpower to squash Mega Man; his Super Arm is a must have for taking down Cut Man. For this fight, go with the Hyper Bomb. When Guts Man jumps, make sure you jump before he hits the ground, otherwise Mega Man will be unable to move for a brief period of time. He will also throw a rock towards Mega Man that causes other rocks to fly up on an angle through the air. Do your best to remain in the left corner of the board as much as possible, and time your jumps accordingly. 

Ice Man

Confront Mega Man’s frigid foe with the Elec Beam, then take his Ice Slasher! When the battle kicks off, Ice Man moves to the right side of the area and jumps. At this point he will fire three projectiles, one at the peak of his jump, another in the middle and then finally, one when he lands. From here he repeats this strategy, except the ice begins from the ground, then middle and the peak of his jump. He finishes the pattern by sliding in Mega Man’s direction.

Providing Mega Man has a full life bar, you can defeat Ice Man with the Elec Beam even while taking damage. Three hits and he’s done!

Bomb Man

This explosive adversary will relinquish his Hyper Bomb at the fight’s conclusion, and he’s most susceptible to the Fire Storm. He’s one of the least complicated bosses in the game, largely because he jumps away from Mega Man. Sometimes he throws one Hyper Bomb, while other times it’s two. Dodge these Hyper Bombs and hit him with Fire Storm.

Fire Man 

Put out Fire Man’s flames with the newly acquired Ice Slasher, then collect his Fire Storm.  He begins by moving towards Mega Man and then uses the Fire Storm weapon. Leap over the flames and return fire. Continue this strategy until he walks in the opposite direction, whereupon which you can hit him in the back and win the battle. Jump and shoot, jump and shoot!

Elec Man

The Elec Beam can be yours so long as Mega Man comes equipped with the Rolling Cutter. He jumps all over the place, then stops to fire the Elec Beam; he will occasionally use it while jumping. Three shots from the Rolling Cutter will take care of this guy, but you must get uncomfortably close to him.

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