Microsoft Flight Simulator is a gorgeous game that allows you to fly planes through a vast array of locations.

While manually flying planes is fun as it puts you in full control, activating the autopilot feature and letting the plane cruise on its own can come in handy every now and then. Especially if you play the game to relax and unwind! 

How to Activate Autopilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator

To activate autopilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you’ll need to open up the main menu. In the main menu, there’s a symbol of a man’s head. Select this and you’ll open up a sub-menu featuring three AI Control options.

In this AI Control sub-menu, you’ll find a Control Aircraft setting which you can toggle on or off. Turning Control Aircraft on will activate the autopilot, allowing the game’s AI to fly your plane for you. 

To speed up the process, you can also hit CTRL - ALT - X to quickly activate or deactivate the game’s autopilot.

Keep in mind that if you end a flight with autopilot still on it will remain on when you start your next flight unless you open up the menu or hit CTRL - ALT - X to deactivate it.

Keeping autopilot on can be nice as you’re able to relax, eat a snack, drink some coffee, etc.

Other AI Control options can be equally as helpful. If you turn on Checklist Assist all of your pre-flight checks will be handled by the game’s AI.

Meanwhile, if you turn on Manage Radio Comms all of the communications with Air Traffic Control will be handled for you.

Again, like Control Aircraft you’ll need to deactivate Checklist Assist and Manage Radio Comms on your next flight if you want to resume handling all of the checklist and air traffic communications yourself. 

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