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Horizon Zero Dawn – How to Start The Frozen Wilds

by Josh Hawkins

Horizon Zero Dawn’s story ended on a huge reveal, and for the past eight months, players have been waiting for developer Guerilla Games to continue the story of Aloy and her fight to save the world from corrupt machines trying to wipe out humanity. Now that story’s continuation has finally come in the form of The Frozen Wilds, the first story DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn. The new area blends seamlessly into the already massive world that players have to explore, and in this article we’ll go over the different ways that players can start The Frozen Wilds DLC and continue Aloy’s story in Horizon Zero Dawn.

It should be noted that players do not have to complete the main storyline of the game in order to access The Frozen Wilds. Instead, they’ll simply need to head to one of the three possible starting points and go from there.

How to Start The Frozen Wilds

There are three different ways that players can get started on the storyline for The Frozen Wilds, and each one is pretty well spread out across the map. At this point we’ve discovered two of the three ways to start the DLC, so we’ll outline both of those below. It should be noted, you do not have to talk to all three of the NPCs that we will cover in this guide to start the DLC. Talking to one of them will give you the quest that you need, allowing you to start the DLC.

It should also be noted that while you can start The Frozen Wilds DLC after beating Seeker at the Gates, it’s recommended to at least reach level 30 before heading into the DLC, as the difficulty of the machines and enemies that you’ll face is conditioned for players that are at least level 30 or above.

The first way to start the DLC can be found in Daytower, the city-fortress that you pass through to enter the Carja lands.

Look for a trader named Ohthur when you enter the city, and you’ll receive a quest titled “Into the Frozen Wilds”. This will lead you to the Cut, which is located above the Grave Hoard in the northeastern portion of the map.

The second way to get the DLC started is to make your way up to the Grave Hoard, and then follow the blue lights on the cliff up until you spot a woman named Yariki.

Speak with Yariki to learn about the troubles that the Cut is facing, and then follow the quest marker that appears when you receive the “into the Frozen Wilds” quest.

From there, all you need to do is follow the quest marker up into the Cut, where you’ll meet some new friends and learn more about the issues that the Banuk are facing in their homeland. This will also set in motion several additional quests, which will all help push the new storyline forward.

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