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Horizon Zero Dawn – How to Expand Your Inventory

by Josh Hawkins

Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in a massive world filled with an assortment of different items and trinkets that players can find and collect. You’ll need to pick up many of these items and use them in various recipes, which will help you create new items like ammo for your bow, potions to restore health, and more. In this article we’ll teach you how to increase inventory space in Horizon Zero Dawn so you can carry more items.

How to Increase Your Inventory Space

To increase the amount of inventory space, you’re going to need to open up the inventory menu by pressing on the Touchpad. From here, navigate to the Crafting tab and then locate the Carry capacity area.

At first you’ll probably only have a few options here, but this will grow with time as you unlock new weapons and items. We’ve listed all the options below.

  • Weapons Satchel – Used to hold your weapons.
  • Outfits Satchel – Used to hold your outfits.
  • Resources Satchel – Holds all of the resource items you find along your journey (machine parts, Ridge-wood, etc)
  • Modifications Satchel – Holds all of the weapon and outfit modifications you have found.
  • Potions Pouch – Carries the potions that you have found and crafted.
  • Traps Pouch – Holds Shock, Freeze, and Flame traps.
  • Hunter Bow Quiver – Determines the number of arrows you can hold for your Hunter Bow. Includes Hardpoint, Hunter, and Fire arrows.
  • Sharpshot Bow Quiver, Determines the number of arrows that you can hold for your Sharpshot Bow. This quiver includes Tearblast, Precision, and Harvest arrows.
  • Ropecaster Ammo Pouch – Holds all of the rope ammunition for your Ropecaster.
  • Tripcaster Ammo Pouch – Contains all the traps used in your Tripcaster.
  • War Bow Quiver – Holds all of the elemental arrows used in your War Bow.
  • Sling Ammo Pouch – Determines the amount of bombs you can carry at one time for your Sling.
  • Rattler Ammo Pouch – Holds all of the Bolt packs used in your Rattler.
  • Blast Sling Ammo Pouch – Determines how many bombs you can hold at one time to use in your Blast Sling.

To upgrade the capacity of each item you will need to find different items like animal skins, bones, and even items like Watcher Hearts, Glinthawk Lens, and so on down the line. Upgrading these items can prove costly, and time consuming. But, we guarantee that it is worth investing the time into it. To easily create a job for the items you need, locate the item you wish to upgrade, click on it, then press Square to create a quest to find all the components that you need to craft it. Once you have all of the pieces, open up your inventory and craft the item to expand your storage options.

Upgrading your inventory space is a crucial step to allowing your character to become stronger. This allows you to unlock new weapons, purchase more outfits, and even find more resources. Now that you know how to increase your inventory space, be sure to return to our Horizon Zero Dawn guide to learn how to fast travel, how to override machines, and more.