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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds – How to Repair the Tallneck

by Josh Hawkins

The Frozen Wilds is the first DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, and it brings well over 15 hours of fun to the game for fans of Aloy’s story, which first released earlier this year. Now players can travel alongside Aloy to the frigid north, along the edge of the Banuk lands, where they’ll encounter new enemies, new secrets, and new mysteries that they’ll have to solve. If you want to get along well, you’re going to need to know your way around, and having access to the full map of the area is the best way to do that. In this article we’ll show you how to repair the broken Tallneck in the Cut in The Frozen Wilds, which will allow you to see the map in all its splendor.

How to Repair the Tallneck

After finishing your first real quest of the new DLC, players will get several markers on their map, all of which task them with proving their worth to the Werak so that they can challenge the Chieftain of the Banuk tribe in the Cut. This is no easy task before you, and you’ll need all the help that you can get, which is why you should grab the Tallneck’s data as quickly as possible.

Not sure how to start the DLC? Use this video to find out.

Open up your map and locate the area that the remains of the Tallneck are located at. Upon arriving you’ll find several machines scavenging for materials from the Tallneck. Deal with the machines, and then head up the climbable areas to reach the top of the Tallneck, only to learn that it’s missing three critical components.

At this point you’re tasked with finding the Tallneck Array, Tallneck Actuator, and the Tallneck Stabilizer. All of these items are clearly marked on your map, but you’ll need to deal with several enemies in order to obtain them.

You can grab the Actuator from a group of corrupted Glinthawks on the mountain overlooking the Tallneck’s location. They can be pretty tough to deal with, so be careful, and make use of your Fire Arrows to really help whittle them down.

The Stabilizer can be found by following the river south of the Tallneck towards a cave, where you’ll be able to pick it up off of a couple of small Scrappers. Don’t let them fool you, though, as there is a Scorcher waiting nearby that likes to patrol the area.

The final piece, the Array, can be grabbed from a group of machines up the hill from where you get the Stabilizer. It’s another group of scrappers, and while they might not seem like much, they can really hurt you when they team up against you.

Once you have all three parts, return to the Tallneck, repair it, and then climb to the top and override it to grab the map information of the area.

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