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Spooky Scary Spirits Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Honkai: Star Rail “The Crepuscule Zone”
Screenshot from Honkai: Star Rail YouTube 1.5 “The Crepuscule Zone” Special Program

It’s never too late for festive scares in my book and in Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.5 Livestream, The Crepuscule Zone, we’re featured some ghostly new events, haunting banners, and jumpscares in-game codes sprinkled in between. Here’s what to look forward to in the next 1.5 patch.

Everything to Know About Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.5 Special Program, The Crepuscule Zone

Special Program Livestream Codes

  • 6B9BFPK58Q3T
  • JB9BE7K5RQY3
  • HT8BX7JL89Z7

Character Event Warp Banners

Huo Huo (Five Star) – Wind Abundance

Our first ghoul who will be dropping in the first phase of 1.5 is Huo Huo. Although weak-willed, this foxian is a Ten-Lords judge-in-training learning how to capture ghosts and spirits aboard the Xianzhou. Her tail is embued with a spirit called a Heliobus who she respectively nicknamed Tail. Now with the uncanny ability to draw ghosts and other heliobus to her, she must capture the spirits and bring them to judgment. Although she would rather surrender her duties to just about anyone else, she is also too fearful to come out and say it. 

Argenti (Five Star) – Physical Erudition

Not all spirits should be feared as some come only to lend a hand, our next character banner in the second phase of 1.5 is actually someone whose help we’ve received in the Simulated Universe before. Argenti is a Knight of Beauty who follows the Beauty Path, one of which has been alluded to in the past the same as Propagation and other paths that have fallen off either due to their Aeons disappearing or being defeated. Candid and pious, Argenti is your classic example of a noble knight-in-arms, and with his appearance may we learn about the new factions just before our journey to Penacony.

Silver Wolf (Five Star) – Quantum Nihility

In the second phase, Argenti won’t be alone in the Five-Star pool since Silver Wolf will be making her rerun alongside the Knight of Beauty. This Stellaron Hunter has given us trouble before, but as strong as an enemy she is, she can also be a formidable companion. Silver Wolf has proven to be a fun character who likes to troll and trick her way into games and projects like the Simulated Universe. Her best trick is glitching into your team so don’t overlook her potential as a unit to pull for. And if you missed it the first time around, this will also be another change at her Light Cone which will also be featured alongside her in a separate Light Cone banner from Argenti’s.

Hanya (Four Star) – Physical Harmony

While this sister may not be the one who rose from the dead, Hanya does have a haunting backstory to spin but until she is released, we can only speculate. As part of the Ten-Lord Judges, Hanya’s duty is to interrogate prisoners that sally forth into the prison. By using her Oracle Brush, she can record the punishments and sins committed by those turned into the commission. Ghastly in appearance from all she’s seen from both those sentenced and marastruck, she only lets her guard down around trusted friends and family.

Interim Quests and Companion Quests

Trailblazer Continuance – A Foxian Tale of the Haunted

After taking a break at Jarilo-VI, the next spotlight shines on the Xianzhou Luofu where our next Trailblazer Continuance Mission is A Foxian Tale of the Haunted. Some consequences from the Creation Furnace having broken apart now rear their head in the form of escaped spirits and heliobus now roaming amok. Sushang and Guinaifen appear to be making mischief by researching a series of strange events where people are mysteriously dropping out cold in suspicious areas around the Luofu. As her duty, Huo Huo is sent out to investigate the causes though she may need a bit more courage in the form of some determined streamers to help her out. 

Companion Quest – Argenti “Night of Universal Hallucinations”

You would think that there wouldn’t be all that much traffic when traveling in the cosmos, but evidently, on a day of spacial cleaning, the Astral Express experiences a rear-end collision. Not only will we have to deal with real-life questions of whether a train in space comes with insurance, but what kind of travelers got too close to the backend of a train to accidentally collide with it? You’ll have to find out in Argenti’s companion quest where, spoiler alert, we might be running into some Knights of Beauty. 

All Events Coming to 1.5 Listed

A Foxian Tale of the Haunted

In our investigations of the mysterious event going on in the Trailblazer Continuance Missions, Guinaifen is not one to miss out on a good opportunity to draw in more folks to her streams. While helping out Huo Huo with her spirit investigation, we’ll also be helping Guinaifen manage her stream alerts and social media so best brush up on your OBS know-how. In this event, there are plenty of rewards to be earned, as well as an exclusive Four-Star Light Cone, “Hey, Over Here” for Path of Abundance, and we’ll likely see Superimpose materials to get it refined to max superimpose.

Boulder Town Super League Martial Exhibition

In another event, we return to Boulder Town to throw hands up again in the ring. It wouldn’t be an update without testing your combat and team-building skills in some way. Here’s to hoping you’ve been building your characters right for some good old fighting in the ring for the classic rewards.

Stellar Shadowseeker

On the Astral Express, March 7th will need some help with her collage of photos. In the Stellar Shadowseeker event, we’ll be looking at shadow silhouettes and taking pictures of the objects depicted in them. Hopefully, at the end, we can see them all together in a whole new collage on March 7th’s wall. 

Gift of Odyssey 

In 1.5, we’ll also be gifted another 10 pulls over the duration of a week or seven days depending on when you log in. This will help pad out your savings for Huo Huo, Argenti, Silver Wolf, Hanya, or future characters you may be looking forward to. 

Planar Fissure & Garden of Plenty

Sure enough, Honkai: Star Rail wouldn’t miss out on the chance to give us a break on the heavy grind by doubling up on Planar Ornaments and Trace Materials at some point in the 1.5 patch!

Other Things to Look Forward to in 1.5

New Boss for Physical Characters

In the new area, Honkai: Star Rail will feature a new boss for Physical characters such as Hanya and Argenti called the Shape of Perdition. The boss will likely be one of the new marastruck enemies that we’ll see in the Foxian Tale of the Haunted. 

New Relic Sets

With a new boss comes a new area for Cavern of Corrosion, we’ll see two new Relics sets called The Ashblazing Grand Duke and the Prisoner in Deep Confinement. For details on what these relic sets may look like, hop on over to our coverage of what these new relic sets do. 

World 8 in Simulated Universe

Now who could be the boss in the next world of the Simulated Universe? Well, Honkai: Star Rail isn’t ready to stop beating up on poor Yanqing, so in this world, we’re likely to see some of the new enemies as well as those in Scalegorge Waterscape before facing off against Yanqing as the final boss in World 8. And like any other world, there are two new Planar Ornament Sets to be gathered. 

New Planar Ornament Set

With a new world comes two new sets and hopefully the Planar Fissure will make getting the needed Ornaments easier. Our two new sets are called the Firmament Frontline Glamoth and the Penacony Land of the Dreams. Not much is known as to what they do but they will likely be beneficial to the characters coming out.

New Voicelines for Joining Party and Character Ascension

Fear that you’ve missed out by already leveling up your character? Fear not! By checking a character’s information, players should still be able to go back and look over their favorite characters’ voice lines and check out any new ascension phases they may have missed by already leveling them. All voice lines for joining parties will be implemented in 1.5 and from henceforth, when ascending characters, units will have special voice lines unlocked. 

Guest Book List 

Don’t miss out on those few Stellar Jades you get by greeting those who have visited the Express. But if you’ve a terrible memory like me, then you can make use of the Guest Book which will feature all of the characters lines when you interact with them on the express as well as detail who you’ve spoken to and who you’ve yet to speak with.

Easy Battle Replay

Battle not going too well? No need to close Honkai: Star Rail and hard reset anymore. By pausing the battle, players will now have the option to Restart the Battle with full technique points granted back to the party so you can rethink your strategy and try again!

There’s so much to look forward to in the next coming days with a new banner and a major event. Who says the Halloween season needs to end with October? Before you get too content with spending your Stellar Jades willy-nilly, check out the new characters HoYoverse released for the presumed 1.6 patch in their latest drip marketing. 

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