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Homefront: The Revolution Tips To Liberate Philadelphia

by Prima Games Staff

Homefront: The Revolution is a fast-paced shooter with a lot of ground to cover and opposition to overcome. On that note, we have some Homefront tips on how you can survive in this world and free Philadelphia from the tyranny of the KPA.

How To Deal With Homefront’s KPA Forces

The first thing you have to realize with Homefront: The Revolution tips is that the KPA soldiers are very well connected. If you get into a firefight with three or four of them you could become overwhelmed – especially when an airship spots you from the sky and calls in reinforcements.

You may think this is a battle worth winning, but even if you have compatriots alongside you in the game’s co-op supported Resistance Mode, you’ll find that the odds are definitely stacked against you. In this case, the best thing you can do is run.

The reason for this is because it’s likely you’ll be left critically injured, which results in a respawn at your last safe location, but without all the cash and weapons you accumulated. You can get this stuff back, but returning to this location could be a bit of a pain. We suggest finding a safe spot until the alert blows over, then carefully take the objective without raising so many red flags again.

It can be a challenging process, but gamers who know their way around will realize how vital it is to take out soldiers quietly, shooting down drones before they alert secondary forces, and eventually completing an objective, whether it’s overtaking a safe house or activating a particular point for the Resistance. Play it smart, and take these Homefront tips to heart. 

How To Use Homefront’s Motorcycle

Although Homefront: The Revolution features a variety of tanks and aerial vehicles, you only have access to one in the game – the motorcycle. While that may not sound like the fanciest ride you could have access to, it’s still extremely useful.

You’ll actually gain access to a motorcycle in most respawn points after you’re critically injured, so you won’t have to worry about huffing it back on foot to get back to your previous objective. The bike handles pretty well, and can get you across the map in a matter of seconds. In addition, it enables you to get past enemy forces quickly in case you want to make a mad dash for your objective. (Don’t bother trying to run over these guys, though. It doesn’t really work, and could result in you crashing, or having to engage in a firefight.)

The motorcycle can be handy in some places, so don’t be afraid to take a ride. Just remember, you won’t have access to your firearm – you’ll have to jump off in order to use it. Another handy Homefront tip for you. 

How To Utilize Homefront’s Weapon Upgrades

There are a variety of upgrades that you can unlock in Homefront: The Revolution. In fact, you’ll find the first one right away as you’re introduced to the Resistance, being able to transform your simple pistol into an SMG.

Upgrades require cash in order to perform, although you’ll get a sizable amount of dollars after you complete each mission. For that matter, you can also clean up on cash – as well as bullets and other unique items – by looting the dead bodies of soldiers after you take them out. Make sure you collect what you can, as this will be useful when it comes to purchasing items.

As another helpful Homefront tip, you can buy other goods in Homefront: The Revolution, including an RC car explosive that you can drive into an enemy camp, and the stacked mag pouch which makes it easier to carry additional ammunition. Considering how sparingly you come across bullets in the game (which can be a pain when you have enemy soldiers shooting at you), the pouch your best bet. Save up for it and add it to your collection as soon as possible.

As for weapons, the SMG is pretty good for quick firefights however you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the marksman rifle at some point. You can actually upgrade this so it’s not just good for sniping, but also modified for bullet sponges enabling you to take enemies out effectively from medium range. You’ll find this to be quite useful in Homefront: The Revolution as you quietly clean out an enemy camp.

How To Acquire Homefront’s Safehouses

Finally, you’ll want to acquire as many safehouses as you can, via our Homefront tips. Not only will you eventually gain more control over the map, but you’ll also be able to create closer spawn points to objectives so you won’t have to rely on the bike as much to get from point A to point B.

These are usually marked on your map anyway, and getting in is simply a matter of keeping an eye open for blue paint which shows you the route to get in. You’ll need to make sure you have proper tools to break through some defenses like bolt cutters to break off hinges, or a gun to shoot off a lock. However, you’ll have most of these on you anyway, and the others are fairly easy to make on crafting tables that you’ll have access to throughout the city.

Just one thing – make sure you’re clear of enemy contact before trying to take over a safehouse. Quickly take out enemy soldiers with a sniper rifle or melee attacks (so you don’t garner too much attention), then move in and secure it.

We certainly hope these Homefront tips help you out! 


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