Holiday Gift Guide For the Call of Duty Gamer in Your Life (2023)

Give them the present of a better KDA

While the end of the year might remind you of the holidays, for Call of Duty fans it’s all about celebrating the latest installment in the franchise. Here’s your holiday gift guide for the Call of Duty gamer in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Call of Duty Gamer in Your Life (2023)

You can’t throw a rock without finding a gamer who’s been a longtime (and likely hardcore) fan of the Call of Duty series. And that’s for good reason: it’s one of the best first-person shooters around. And if you want to make that gamer’s holiday one to remember, consider one of these great options.

A High-Quality Gaming Headset (with mic) ($119)

A good, comfortable headset can make all the difference in a long gaming session. After all, hearing a door open or the shuffle of footsteps is a matter of life and death in a game. So, grab your loved one a headset that ensures they can hear an in-game pin drop.

The Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset is compatible with consoles and PC, offers noise-canceling, and is specifically designed with first-person shooters like Call of Duty in mind.

You can order it here for the discounted price of $119 USD. Usually, it’s $169!

Bourbon, Scotch, Cigars ($20  – $100)

Unsurprisingly, the protagonists in the Call of Duty franchise love their vices. You can gift a bottle of scotch, bourbon, or cigars to your Call of Duty fan, ideally with a tongue-and-cheek note from the series.

Soap and Ghost, for example, have an exchange in the “Alone” mission where it’s revealed Soap prefers Scotch and Ghost prefers a good Kentucky bourbon. And while Price might not be anyone’s favorite character, he surely loves his cigars.

Price’s preferred brand is still unknown, but from the color we can determine that it’s likely a Maduro cigar. You can find a box of cigars quite similar to what Price smokes here for $111 USD. As for bourbon and scotch, your local liquor store will likely have what you’re looking for at a range of prices.

Day at the Shooting Range / Paintball Pass ($20 – $50)

If your Call of Duty gamer loves experiences more than stuff, then bring the game to them. Shooting ranges can let your loved one try out their aim in real life. But paintball might be one of the most fun things you can do if you really love first-person shooters. Paintball combines tactical positioning, aiming, and cooperation, bringing together all the things that make Call of Duty so fun.

And it’s pretty affordable, too!

Call of Duty Morale Patches ($5.85 – $10)

There are a few iconic morale patches in Call of Duty. And beyond being a subtle nod to the game, they’re pretty sleek and versatile. You can slap them on a backpack, a jacket, a corkboard, a hat, even shoes.

And they’re easily the most affordable thing on this list. You can even take this one step further and find out what emblem your loved one is rocking in-game and finding a patch of that. But, failing that, in-game Morale Patches like Shadow Company and Task Force 141 are a good shout, too.

You can find some excellent Morale Patches here for $5.85 USD.

Session with a Call of Duty Coach ($12.50  – $60)

Before buying your loved one this gift, make sure that they’ve got the right attitude for it. Your friend or loved one should 1) already know that they can improve, 2) actively want to do so, and 3) be open to critique. If you’re on the fence about any of this, skip it as a gift idea.

If they are, then a one-on-one session with some of Call of Duty’s best players can help them identify their weaknesses and bad habits and drastically improve their gameplay. And it’s generally quite affordable!

Some coaches charge as little as $12.50 an hour, while others will charge as much as $60.00 an hour. But each of the coaches listed is the best in the game. And while it requires someone with the right mindset, this is easily one of the best gifts on the list for players who really want to improve their game as they go into 2024. You can check out these coaches for yourself here.  

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