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Hitman: Episode 5 – Complete the Howdy Partner Challenge

by Prima Games Staff

Agent 47 has returned for a new list of targets to take out. This time around the bald-headed assassin will be making his way to Colorado, where he’ll need to infiltrate a terrorist group and take out their leaders. The stakes in this episode are higher than ever, and we’ve got all the details to help you complete each and every challenge in this new and exciting chapter of Agent 47’s life. This article will teach you how to complete the Howdy Partner challenge, which will reward you with 2,500 points in-game, as well as the Giddy Up trophy/achievement, depending on your platform.

How to Complete the Howdy Partner Challenge

To complete this challenge, you’re going to need to make your way through the Colorado level to the house where the hackers are. This can easily be accomplished by loading into the mission in the Hacker disguise, however, you can make it to this area using any disguise in the game. Once you have made it to the house, make your way through it, and into the back yard where a man is busy training terrorist soldiers.

You should be able to easily spot a box behind him. At the bottom of this box, laying on the ground, is an apricot. Pick up the apricot and throw it at the man. Now, quickly run over to the radio to your right, and turn it on. This will begin playing a bout of country music, which will spur the soldiers into a dance. Watch them for a few moments to complete the challenge and earn yourself this trophy. Completing the Howdy Partner challenge will earn your 2,500 points towards you next level, and earn you’re the Giddy Up trophy/achievement for the game.

You can find out more about Agent 47 and his latest targets by heading over to our in-depth Hitman walkthrough and guide.

Completing this challenge isn’t very hard, you just need to know all the moving parts to get it taken care of. While it is best to begin the mission with the Hacker disguise, you can enter this area any way that you like, and complete this challenge wearing any disguise that will get you into the back training area. If you followed the directions we outlined above, you should have easily completed the Howdy Partner challenge and earned the Giddy Up trophy in Hitman: Episode 5.

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