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Hitman 2 – Hawke’s Bay: Nightcall – Silent Assassin, Suit Only

by Larryn Bell

There’s plenty of ways to play through a mission in Hitman 2, but you’ll need to tread carefully if you want to achieve the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge for each chapter. This guide will explain how to go about getting Silent Assassin, Suit Only in Hawke’s Bay: Nightcall, the first story mission in Hitman 2. Credit to MrFreeze2244 on YouTube for the steps in this tutorial.

Silent Assassin, Suit Only – Hawke’s Bay

As soon as you are able to move at the start of the Hawke’s Bay: Nightcall mission, run toward the house and go through the open window to the pool room on the left. Don’t worry about getting spotted by the cameras for now, as you will deal with the recordings later.

Pick up the screwdriver beside the pool on the floor, then exit through the back window. Circle your way clockwise around the building until you reach the garage. Locate the garage signal box on the left, then use the screwdriver to short circuit the signal box, giving you access to the garage.

Enter the garage and go through the door on the left. Go upstairs and enter the office room ahead. On the left side of the room just before the exercise equipment, interact with the square painting on the wall to the left to reveal the hidden panic room.

Enter the panic room and pick up the password dongle and lockpick off the desk to the left, then interact with the camera recorder on the far left to destroy the recordings. This will take care of any video evidence of you from the cameras.

Walk over to the gun rack on the wall and grab the fragmentation grenade on the right side. Exit the panic room the way you came, and make sure to reset the painting to close the door to the panic room behind you.

Exit the office, then turn left at the staircase to pass through a door leading to the balcony outside. Climb through the first window on the right to enter the bathroom. You can pick up the squeaky toy on the floor beside the tub to fulfill one of the Discovery challenges as well. Pick the lock on the medicine cabinet on the right and grab the lethal poison pill jar.

Pass through the dressing room ahead and exit through the door to return to the main part of the house. Head to the right along and continue past the office to the locked door at the end of the hall. Lockpick the door and head left toward the outdoor patio. As you reach the seating area, turn right to head up the staircase leading to the rooftop.

Across from the stairs on the far side of the rooftop, locate the ventilation system for the panic room. Use the lethal poison bottle you collected earlier to poison and sabotage the panic room for when the target arrives.

Head back inside and return to the office on the second floor. Interact with the computer to search for the intel, making sure to skip the cutscene to save time. Once the target arrives, prepare to go through the door on the right that you unlocked earlier. A few goons will be patrolling outside along the patio, so you’ll have to wait for them to leave.

In this next bit, we’ll see all your planning put into motion as you make your escape. Just before exiting through the door, equip the frag grenade and toss it behind you in the hallway while the guard downstairs is talking. The timing of this is tricky, as the guard will enter the panic room instead if you throw the grenade too early and will be killed by the poison instead of the target. You’ll know if this worked in a few seconds if you get a poison elimination on the target herself.

After tossing the grenade, exit through the door and climb over the railing on the right to drop down to the grass below. Sneak your way around the building toward the garage, crouching in the tall grasses to remain concealed. Once you have cleared the house, simply sneak your way back to the boat that you arrived on. Move as quickly as possible between the patches of grass to stay hidden.

There are a few guards standing near your boat that you will have to deal with before you can escape. Before reaching your boat, turn and pop a shot at the gas can on the back of the pickup truck where several guards are standing around. This will create a distraction that will lure the enemies away from your boat, allowing you to escape. Once the area is clear, quickly make your way to the boat and complete the mission.

If you followed the instructions in this guide carefully, you should be able to pull off Silent Assassin, Suit Only for the Hawke’s Bay mission in Hitman 2 in just a few minutes. Check out our other Hitman 2 guides to find out how to achieve Silent Assassin, Suit Only for some of the other missions, including the next story mission, Miami: The Finish Line.

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