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Hearthstone Tip of the Day: How to Use Windfury

by Prima Games Staff

The last thing you want to do in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is rely on a passive aggressive strategy. Don’t give your fellow card battler one inch. Instead, deliver blunt force that’ll smash through their cards and let you notch another victory in the win column. Using Windfury is one way of doing this.

Windfury allows a minion to attack twice in a single turn. Windfury can almost be used as a substitute for taunt, as it makes a unit a prime target. Your opponent won’t want to let a minion with such a powerful attack survive for long.  

If you want to make sure your windfury unit survives long enough to attack, it’s best to play them when there is an actual minion with taunt on the field to curb enemy aggression. If you have a choice, it’s also best to play temporary attack buffs on minions with windfury. This effectively doubles the temporary boost.

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