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Halo Wars 2 – How to Play Blitz

by Josh Hawkins

Halo Wars 2 is finally here, bringing the joy and intensity of real-time strategy back to the Xbox. This time around 343 Industries has a few tricks up their sleeve, like the all new Blitz mode, which allows players to face off against enemies using different decks of cards. In this article we’ll discuss how to play Blitz in Halo Wars 2, what the new game mode includes, and even offer a few pointers to help you make the most of it.

It should be noted that Blitz can be played one of two ways. You can play normal or custom matches against other players, or take part in a Firefight against an AI enemy, where you’ll need to hold off various waves of enemies.

What is Blitz?

Unlike normal real-time strategy games, Blitz does away with the need to build specific buildings and bases to build certain units. Instead, players will put together various decks, which will then be used to summon in new units using Energy. This allows players to focus solely on attacking their enemy and holding the capture points, which makes for a much faster-paced game mode than regular RTS matches.

One of the most important things to remember about Blitz is that it allows players to create their own custom decks, which can then be used within battles to help them combat the enemy. These decks feature different leaders, which also offer different abilities that you can call upon. The leader that you choose will determine some of the cards that you can equip in that particular deck.

Ultimately, Blitz is a way for RTS fans to enjoy everything that Halo Wars 2 has to offer without the slower-paced RTS buildup associated in the early game of most matches. Instead, Blitz allows you to jump right into the action without having to wait on new buildings to be constructed.

How to Play Blitz

Blitz relies heavily upon the use of different cards to bring units onto the field. Because of this you’ll want to make sure you build a strong deck that has plenty of firepower without overwhelming your energy reserves. Once you have the perfect deck built, which we will talk more about in another article, then it’s time to dive into the game and get started.

Before you start your first match of Blitz there are a few things to remember. Spawning units outside of your main spawn area will cause them to be weakened for 8 seconds. At this point their health and attack power is lower. If you can keep them from being damaged within that 8 second period, their health and attack will reach its full potential.

It should also be noted that in Blitz players begin the match with a total of 50 energy. This reserve will recharge by 1 energy every 0.7 seconds. Destroying Supply Crates will increase the recharge rate, allowing you to earn more energy each time it recharges. In Firefight, though, energy does not recharge and players will need to attack Supply Crates to recharge their energy reserves.

There really isn’t much else for players to learn about Blitz. It’s a mode that takes time and practice to become better at. Over time you will learn which decks were best for you, as well as unlock new cards to add to your decks. You can return to our Halo Wars 2 guide for more help, or take a look at our guide on how to build the best Blitz Deck for your playstyle.

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