Halo Scythe
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Halo Scythe Location and Stats in Elden Ring

A different type of halo energy.

Scythes are already a fairly small weapon class in Elden Ring, so finding the right one can be difficult as you travel around the open world. One of the most unique options is the Halo Scythe due to the moveset and stats, but it’s likely that most players have never even seen the weapon.

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To get this weapon, you’re going to have to grind out more than a few enemies. This isn’t something that can just be picked up in the right chest. With that in mind, this guide will serve to help you find exactly where you need to go in Elden Ring, and which enemies need to be taken down to earn a Halo Scythe.

Elden Ring – Where to Find the Halo Scythe and the Stats

Only one place contains the weapon we’re looking for and that is in the Scarlet Rot waste of Caelid. This Scarlet Rot area, in particular, is located on the eastern side of Caelid. It functions like a shallow version of the giant Scarlet Rot lake found later on in the game. What we want here is the Lesser Cleanrot Knights that are patrolling the wastes.

There is a Site of Grace that you can jump to which is labeled as the Heart of Aeonia. One massive decayed tree stump encases the Site of Grace, and if you walk just south, you’ll find all the Cleanrot Knights you need. This is the same area that contains the Commander O’Neil boss, so be careful where you explore.

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When taking down these knights, the ones with the crescent-shaped scythes are the ones you need to kill. Any of the lesser knights with a spear won’t be able to drop the weapon you want. You’ll know you found the right knights by the bright light discs that throw at you. Keep killing them and resetting until you get the Halo Scythe. Considering the drop rate is around 2%, it could take a while, so just keep trying.

Before you decide to start grinding for the Halo Scythe, it helps to know all of the stats and strengths that the weapon has. Below you can find the base stat numbers and some additional information so you can plan out a build.

Halo Scythe Stats in Elden Ring

  • Attack: 118
  • Magic: 0
  • Fire: 0
  • Lightning: 0
  • Holy: 76
  • Crit: 100
  • Blood Loss: 55
  • Strength: D
  • Dexterity: D
  • Faith: E

Anyone who wants to pick up this scythe should be prepared for a quality build that uses faith as a backup stat. You’ll be able to shred through enemies with the right stats, especially with the unique ashes of war. You’ll just need to find the weapon first.

And that’s all. For more on the FromSoftware title, head over to our dedicated Elden Ring section full of guides, news, updates, and more!

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