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Halo 5 Warzone Tips – Destroy the Power Core, Use REQ Cards

Tips for dominating the Warzone mode in Halo 5.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

If you played Halo 5 multiplayer, you may have seen the latest addition to the online experience, a 24-person battlefest called Warzone. In it, you face off against another team while completing objectives across different locations, with enemy AI sprinkled across the maps to make things tougher Those who mastered Warzone know exactly how to work with their team while at the same time relying on their own tactics. If you’re new to it, these Warzone tips will get you comfortable with the mode. 

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343 divided Warzone matches into two objectives. The first involves earning victory points (VP) for your team, and the second deals with taking control of bases. Teams win matches by earning a total of 1,000 victory points over the course of a match, mainly by defeating enemies, destroying AI-controlled bosses and taking (and holding) bases. If a team manages to gain control of all three bases at the same time, they can go after the enemy Power Core. By destroying the Core, the team automatically wins, no matter how many points they scored. 

Spartans who take part in a Warzone match begin with the same basic loadout, although you can use cards in the REQ System to change things up. To earn cards, you can purchase packs using REQ Points earned over the course of a match. They can be used in the Spartan Hub to unlock either single-use or permanent items during each Warzone match. 

Single-use items can be bought at any REQ Stations during a Warzone match (usually found inside bases), or during the respawn period on the menu screen. You’ll be able to accumulate Energy to use these cards through killing enemies and completing objectives over the course of the match, which in turn boost your REQ level. From there, you can use energy to turn around and buy more REQ Cards. The more energy you pick up, the higher your REQ level becomes, enabling you to purchase more expensive and more rarer cards. Learn more about REQ Cards and how they work in your favor.

With REQ Cards, you’ll want to use ones matching up with your style of play, or during particular situations. A power-up or vehicle, for instance, will lend additional firepower, but will also require a cooldown period for your REQ level. A vehicle can really do the trick when it comes to distracting enemies, giving other soldiers a chance to push. A Power Weapon, while great for assault, can also be dropped when you’re killed and picked up by the enemy. It helps to know what kind of REQ cards you’ll want to use for each situation. 

The main goal is to take over bases, since controlling these areas result in points for your team. Work with your squad to eliminate all of the AI enemies in a base, then make sure you keep hold of it. The home base is probably the most important, since leaving it vulnerable can be bad news down the road, especially if other spots are taken over and the Power Core opens up; when all three bases are taken over, it becomes vulnerable. Getting overwhelmed in Warzone is commonplace, as both adversaries and AI-controlled foes can unleash plenty of firepower. Work with your team to take out enemy threats that might take over a base, then work on claiming it. While doing this, Victory Points build up. You can also earn a few more of these Points by defeating AI enemies, so make sure to stay on your guard.

You’ll find enemy forces, Covenant and Prometheans, popping up during the match. By taking these guys down quickly and efficiently, you’ll earn a handful of Victory Points that can push you into the lead. Each Boss provides a VP bounty that ranges, depending on difficulty, from Standard to Legendary. You’ll want to work together with your team to bring them down, because going solo is practically suicide. The team that delivers the final blow will earn the points, so you don’t get any points for simply doing damage – you have to finish the job. If you see an enemy team trying to take down the boss, finish them off. You’ll earn extra Victory Points for mopping them up. 

Warzone Assault 

For those who can’t get enough of Warzone, there’s also a Warzone Assault mode, which is similar to the Rush multiplayer mode in the Battlefield games. There are two sides – offensive and defensive teams. The offensive side has to go through a series of base captures within a specific time frame. After all the bases are captured, the Power Core will open up, allowing that team to destroy the home base and win. The defensive team, of course, has to stop them from doing so. 

Like other multiplayer games, get on the same page as your team. Make noteworthy REQ item purchases, then work with others to overtake bases. It helps to provide cover fire for those who need it and push forward. You can also provide distraction while your fellow teammates pick off bothersome enemy forces. Nothing wrong with being a decoy. 

Warzone is a lot of fun, but if you want something different, we’ll tell you how to dominate the Halo 5 Arena modes

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