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How to Solve the Hallowhorn Puzzle In Elden Ring

by Jesse Vitelli

Elden Ring is full of secrets and puzzles to solve. Most of them have very little information to give the player outside of some visual cues. When exploring The Eternal City you’ll come across the HallowHorn Grounds, which you’ll notice doesn’t have a lot going on at first. Here’s how to solve the Hallowhorn Puzzle in Elden Ring.

Scattered through the area are pillars that need to bit lit. You’ll see that when you light one of them, the pillars on the stairs leading up to Hallowhorn will reflect this change. You’ll need to find all of the pillars to light your way to the boss fight that lurks on the other end.

To get into the Eternal City simply take the Mistwood Well found in the MIstwood forest which will lead you down into the city.

Here is every location marked for the Hallowhorn puzzle.

Hallow 1 (Right as you enter)

Hallow 2

Hallow 3

Hallow 4

Hallow 5

Hallow 6

Hallow 7

Hallow 8

After lighting all of these fires, just head to the Hallowhorn grounds to start the fight against the Ancestral Spirit. It’s not a super tough fight all things considered, but it does drop a very powerful Spirit Summon that is worth taking time to go get.

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