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Hades | How to get the True Ending

by Lucas White

Hades is a roguelike (arguably roguelike if that distinction is important to you), which means you’re going to spend most of the game attempting runs through similar challenges. At the same time, you’ll be encountering dynamic variables within those challenges.

Sometimes there are multiple endings, sometimes there’s only one. In the case of Hades, it’s unclear what exactly your initial successful run is in a technical sense, but there’s only one way to see the credits.

Hades True Ending Guide

To activate the endgame in Hades, you’ll have to defeat Hades, your dad, in dramatic fashion. If you survive the final boss encounter, you’ll escape the Underworld and experience what feels very much like an ending. Then, the game challenges you to make more runs and gives you some new options that kinda feel like post-game content. But you aren’t in the post-game just yet.

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Each time you get another successful run, you won’t see new endings. Instead, the story will simply progress, much like your interactions with other characters back at the office. The situation on the other side simply progresses a bit, enticing you to keep coming back.

However, once you make it to the end for the tenth time, after nine victories (they don’t have to be sequential thank goodness), the final encounter changes drastically. 

At that point, you’ve reached the “True Ending,” or frankly what should just be referred to as the ending full stop. This is where the story actually comes to a full conclusion, and this is where you’ll actually see the credits roll. 

Once you do that, you’ll get to continue playing Hades like before. But this time, you’ll activate the post-game for real, and you’ll have certain other options at your disposal for any more run attempts you feel like making.

Once the credits roll you won’t be a Hades completionist, but you’ll at least say you’ve seen the story out to its actual conclusion. And considering what you need to do for that, you’ve certainly accomplished something.

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