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Gwent – How to Get More Cards

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to build the best decks possible, then you’re going to need to start collecting more cards to build them with. Getting new cards in Gwent isn’t that hard, but it’s not exactly easy either. In this article we’ll go in-depth on how you can get new cards in Gwent, and even show you how to use the various card-getting systems included in the game.

How to Get New Cards in Gwent

As we said before, getting new cards in Gwent isn’t exactly rocket science. There are a couple of different ways that you can start getting more cards, and we’ll be covering both of them in this article. The first way that you can start earning new cards is through Kegs.

Kegs are basically like card packs that you can purchase with in-game currency, or real-world money. There are several different options currently available for players, and we’ve listed them all below. While Gwent does offer ways to buy Kegs outright using real-world money, players can also buy them use Ore, which is Gwent’s in-game currency.

Ore is earned a variety of ways. One of the best ways to earn it is to complete and win matches in the Casual or Ranked playlist. You can also complete various Daily Quests, which are reset each day. Once you have 100 Ore, you can head to the Card shop and pick up a Keg or two (depending on how much Ore you have). We’ve listed the full options for Keg purchases below.

  • 1x Keg – 100 Ore
  • 2x Keg – $2.99
  • 7x Keg – $9.99
  • 15x Keg – $19.99
  • 40x Keg – $49.99
  • 60x Keg – $69.99

You can also get new cards by crafting them using Scrap, which is obtained by milling or destroying other cards. This is really useful if you start to acquire multiples of various low-level cards, as you won’t need all of those extra duplicates in your deck. So, once you reach Level 3 in Gwent, you can head to the Collection and start milling any spare cards you have into Scrap.

We’ve already covered the best Neutral cards you can craft in the game, and we also have a guide on how to create a strong deck. Continue earning Ore through Casual and Ranked matches, and log in each day to complete your daily quests, and you should start seeing yourself with more and more useful cards for your deck. Don’t forget to mill any duplicates you have after you reach Level 3, as this will allow you to build up your Scrap and starting crafting more expensive cards like Ciri, which costs 800 Scrap to craft (1600 Scrap if you want the “holographic” version).

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