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Gwent – The Best Neutral Cards to Craft First

by Josh Hawkins

Crafting cards is an important part of any online CCG (collectible card game), and that doesn’t change when you start your collection in Gwent standalone. In fact, creating new cards is one of the best ways to grab some of the most powerful cards and add them to your collection. There are a lot of cards in Gwent, though, and we’ll be breaking down the best ones based on their factions. In this article we’ll go the best Neutral cards in Gwent that you can craft first.

Best Neutral Cards

Neutral cards are really important to Gwent because these cards can be used in any Faction-based deck, no matter which Faction it is. Having a good assortment of these cards will help make your deck stronger, which is something you should definitely focus on early in the game.

Royal Decree

While this card is pretty expensive to craft, it does offer one of the best abilities we’ve found, as it will allow you to pull any Gold card from you deck and play it in the match. This is great if you find yourself losing, as you can choose from the various Gold cards that you have in your deck, which will allow you to choose which card best fits your current situation.

Cost – 800 Scrap.


This is one of our favorite cards to play, as it allows you to target any of your enemy’s cards and mimic its power. Dudu is really useful for tying up the game, especially if the enemy has some strong units out on the board, and while it doesn’t have much power on its own, if you play it while a stronger enemy is on the board, you can make use of that same power to fuel your own journey towards victory.

Cost – 200 Scrap

Prize-Winning Cow

This card might not seem like much at first look, as it only features 2 power, but if you play this card, and it is then destroyed, a Chort with 6 power will be moved onto the board to take its place. It’s a gamble, though, so choosing when and how to play this card is tough, but should it be destroyed it can make for a pretty nice way to get ahead of your opponent.

Cost – 200 Scrap


As one of the most expensive cards on our list, Ciri better be good, right? Well, she is. Not only does this card have 7 power, but if you end the round with it on the board, it’s automatically added back to your hand, so you can run it through the next round too. It’s the card that keeps on giving, so long as it’s still on the board when the round ends. Of course, it does cost quite a bit.

Cost – 800 Scrap

These are just a few of the most powerful Neutral cards available to players in Gwent. While it may take you a bit to earn up enough Scrap to craft them all, we’d highly suggest going for these cards as quickly as possible. That will help you make your deck stronger. You can also check out our guide on how to build a strong deck, which will give you in-depth tips to help you put together the best deck you can using your current collection.

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