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GTA 5 Online: How to Get the Stimulus Package

by Prima Games Staff

This is a great week for Grand Theft Auto 5 fans, especially those who played Grand Theft Auto Online. Because of numerous technical issues when the mode launched in October, Rockstar will give players $500,000 in stimulus money to do as they please, which should amount to everyone owning a sweet apartment and gigantic garage for all those vehicles.

That said, not everyone will receive the Stimulus Package.  In fact, only those who played GTA Online during the month of October, where the majority of the headaches took place, will get the money. If you first played GTA Online in November, no stimulus for you.

How do I get the Stimulus Package for Grand Theft Auto Online?

If you qualify (played in October), sign into GTA Online and the money should be in your account.

What if I don’t have the Stimulus Package? 

Rockstar says it may take a couple of days for the company to pay everyone $500,000, so be patient. It will make an official announcement when everyone has received the Stimulus Package.

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