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Greedfall Siora Romance Guide: How to Romance Siora

by Prima Games Staff

Greedfall Siora Romance Guide: How to Romance Siora

Greedfall isn’t just an RPG about conquering a new world. It’s also about capturing hearts. With a bevy of romance options for even the most discerning connoisseur, those wanting a companion on their adventure will get the chance to earn the affection of one of the many dynamic love interests in the game.

Today, our Greedfall Siora romance guide will lay out the steps that you need to woo this lovely lady.

Update 8/24/21: We have other romance guides for Greedfall including guides on how to romance Kurt, Vasco, Aphra, and more. You can check out all of our romance guides here

First off, here’s some basic information that you’re going to need to know about Siora. Headstrong and independent, she’s the head of the inhabitants of Teer Fradee, and fiercely protective of her people’s culture.

If you’re going to take actions that curtail the freedoms of her people or antagonize them, you’re not going to be able to get on her good side. 

Siora can be romanced by you regardless of your in-game gender, as she is bisexual for all intents and purposes. Romancing Siora will give you an increase in Vigor if you take things all the way.

We’ve got a complete list of the romance quests involving Siora that you will have to complete in order to ensure that this relationship is a happy one.

Warning: There will be mild spoilers for the in-game narrative going forward, so avert your eyes if you don’t want to see those at this stage yet. 

Find Queen Bladnid

Once you’ve finished the quest The Battle fo the Red Spears, this will become available. Upon the conclusion of this quest, ensure that you pick the dialogue option coded:

“Tell her about having to say goodbye to your own mother.”

Promises Set in Stone

Once you’ve finished the quest The Trial of the Waters, which you’ll encounter after the coup happens in-game, this quest will become available. There’s two things to keep in mind here:

1) if you allow yourself to be bribed and assert that you’re right when confronted by Siora about it, she’ll end up leaving the party

2) don’t do what we warned against earlier, and pick the dialogue option coded “Tell her it seems logical, given their culture.”

The Queen’s Farewell

Once you’ve finished Promises Set in Stone, this quest will become available. All you have to do here to not mess things up after getting this far is to pick the dialogue option coded:

“Tell her that you would understand if she had to help her people.”

Voila! Initiate another conversation with her after this, and you’ll have successfully romanced her and also picked up the Minudhanem achievement for doing so.

Now that you have our Greedfall Siora romance guide to help you, courting her should be a walk in the park. Got any other questions about the game or some of its side quests? Our Greedfall Heretics Hunt guide might be able to help.


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