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Greedfall: All Companions and Locations List

by Nicholas Barth

The newest game from development studio Spider is now available for players across the world to enjoy with the release of Greedfall taking place on September 10th. Greedfall allows players to create their character and embark on an exciting adventure through a magical 17th-century fantasy setting. There are plenty of unique characters that make up the world of Greedfall. One group of characters are known as companions who are individuals that will help you on your journey. If you are curious about who these companions are, be sure to check out everything you need to know about the companions in Greedfall below.

Greedfall Companions

There are a total of six companions players can find in Greedfall. You can find all of these characters and their descriptions below:

Kurt – Member of the Coin Guard Faction. Proficient in melee combat and heavy armor. Improves your character’s craftmanship.

  • Location – You will meet Kurt near the beginning of the game.

Vasco – Member of Nauts faction. Captain of your ship. He increases your Intuition.

  • Location – You will meet Vasco when you arrive in New Serene

Petrus – Member of the Theleme Faction. Proficient in long-range and close-range combat. 

  • Location – We will update this article with the site of Petrus when we have collected it. 

Greedfall Companions

(Image Source: Greedfall Wiki)

Constantin – He is the cousin of your character. 

  • Location – You will meet Constantin after you arrive in New Serene.

Aphra – Member of the Bridge Alliance Faction. Proficient in firearms and explosives. 

  • Location – You will meet her when you meet the Bridge Alliance Faction. 

Siora – Member of the Native Faction. Proficient in Magic. Can restore your character’s HP and armor. 

  • Location – You will meet her after your cousin Constantin tells you to speak with the Native Faction. 

Knowing who the available companions are in Greedfall will allow you to form a dominant party to help your character throughout their adventures in the fantasy world. For more help navigating this game’s world besides learning about your companions, be sure to check out all our guides for Spider’s newest game and let us know what else you would like to see over on Twitter at @primagames!