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Gravity Rush 2 – How to Merge, Morph, and Recycle Talismans

by Josh Hawkins

Talismans play a huge part in Gravity Rush 2 because they allow you to add different effects to Kat’s arsenal of weapons and powers. As you progress through the game, and unlock additional Talismans, new ways to use them open up. In this article we’ll discuss how to merge Talismans in Gravity Rush 2, as well as how to morph them, and even how to recycle Talismans to create new effects.

Before you can start merging, morphing, and recycling Talismans, though, you’re going to have to complete the game up to the mission Alone Again. This will unlock a new part of the game for you to explore, and you’ll finally be able to visit Pandora’s Fortunes, a special little shop where you can alter the way that Talismans work. 

Once you have unlocked Pandora’s Fortunes, head to the location on the map and interact with it to bring up the menu.

How to Merge Talismans

Merging Talismans is the more likely of the three ways that players will interact with these items. Merging Talismans allows you to combine the effects of two Talismans into one. Each Talisman that is created by merging can only have up to three effects, though, so make sure you choose the Talismans that you want to merge carefully to make sure you are getting the most out of them. Merging Talismans requires two Talismans of the same shape to complete.

How to Morph Talismans

Morphing Talismans is similar to merging Talismans, however, there are some key differences to take into account. When merging Talismans you keep the same shape and simply add additional effects. By morphing Talismans, however, you combine the two Talismans together into a brand new shape. The big deal break here, though, is that each Talisman has to be the same shape and have the same skills available. This simply allows you to create a different shaped Talisman with effects that you might not be able to find on that particular shape. Morphing requires three Talismans.

How to Recycle Talismans

Recycling is useful for Talismans that you want to get rid of. Head to Pandora’s Fortunes and interact with the shop to bring up the Recycle menu. Then, find five Talismans that you want to get rid of and place them into the Recycle slots. You can then recycle them into an all-new Talisman with new skills and effects. This is useful for cleaning out your Talisman collection.

That’s everything you need to know about merging, morphing, and recycling Talismans in Gravity Rush 2. It’s not a hard mechanic to get the hang of, and it can be extremely useful for upgrading your Talisman inventory to give you access to more skills and effects. You can learn more about Kat’s latest adventure with our Gravity Rush 2 guide, or take a more detailed look at our guide on how to get more Talismans to increase your arsenal.

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