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Gravity Rush 2 – How to Get More Talismans

by Josh Hawkins

Talismans are special items that allow Kat to activate additional abilities and other perks. In Gravity Rush 2, players can equip up to three Talismans, each having distinct shapes, that will allow players to activate three special abilities at a time. In this article we’ll teach you all about Talismans, including how to get more of them throughout your playthrough of Gravity Rush 2.

How to Get Talismans

The easiest way to get Talismans is to completing Mining Expeditions into the Gravity Storms around the game world. This can be done by talking to Misai aboard the Banga Mining Airship, the ship with the elevator that you first start the game on. Talk to Misai, choose a Mining Expedition to head out on, and then make your way through the area, collecting Gravity Ore and defeating enemies. Any Talisman Stones you find will appear on your screen, and can be appraised when you return to the Banga Mining Airship. They’ll automatically transform into Talismans that you can either equip, hold in storage, or delete.

You can also obtain Talismans by completing Treasure Hunts and other online events, all of which will pop up in your announcements and Start menu. Not every Treasure Hunt will reward Talismans, though, so see what the rewards are before taking part in something.

How to Use Talismans

Talismans offer different effects and abilities that help make Kat better at her job as a warrior. To equip Talismans, press the Options button on your controller and navigate to the Talismans button. Press X to open the Talisman menu.

Here you can see all the Talismans that you currently have available. There are three types, the Circular Talismans, Moon-shaped Talismans, and the Trinity Talisman. Each section offers different types of Talismans. The first type of Talismans you’ll unlock are Circular Talismans. Click on the middle section to open up the Talisman menu. Here you’ll be given a full list of Talismans that you currently have in your inventory. Highlight one of the Talismans and look at the area to the right to see what effects and abilities it has to offer. When you’ve found one you want, press X to equip it.

Each Talisman can have up to three different effects or abilities. For example, the first Talisman that we found had two Life Extender effects, thereby doubling the amount of Health that it added to our character. Once a Talisman is equipped, its abilities and effects will automatically be activated when you exit the pause screen.

Talisman Effects and Abilities

While we don’t have a full list of effects and abilities available quite yet, we can list off a few of the types of Talismans that we have encountered during our playthrough.

  • Power Kick [N] – Increases the damage dealt by the Gravity Kick.
  • Bounce – Increases the damage dealt by the Gravity Slide attack.
  • Serum – Halves poison damage (cannot be stacked).
  • Gem Attractor – Expands the radius where gems and Talismans are collected.
  • Efficient Kick [N] – Lowers the amount of energy required to perform a Gravity Kick.
  • High Mileage [N] – While using the Normal Style Gravity you don’t use as much energy shifting.

We’ll update this list with more Talisman types once we have discovered them.

Talismans play an important part in building your character out in Gravity Rush 2, and players should always be on the lookout for more of these special items. Make sure to take time and go on Mining Expeditions when you have some spare time between missions, and always look for these items to drop when mining the Gravity Ore. You can return to our Gravity Rush 2 guide, or head over to our complete guide on how to get more Precious Gems to help you level up quicker.

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