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Gravity Rush 2 – How to Get More Precious Gems, Level up Quickly

by Josh Hawkins

Precious Gems are items that players must collect in order to purchase various upgrades for Kat in Gravity Rush 2. While these items are fairly easy to acquire, they can be tricky to find in large quantities. After spending several hours with the game, we’re going to show you the best ways to acquire more Precious Gems and level up fast in Gravity Rush 2.

How to Get Precious Gems

As we stated in our opening paragraph, Precious Gems are actually quite easy to come by. Once you have your Gravity Powers back near the start of the game, you’ll be tasked with collecting Gravity Ore. To do this you have to kick and punch the Ore deposits situated around the different Gravity Storm locations. When destroyed, Ore deposits will drop Precious Gems, which you can collect and use to upgrade Kat’s skills.

How to Spend Precious Gems

To spend Precious Gems you must head into the Power Up menu, which can be accessed in the Options menu. Press Options, then navigate down to the button marked Power Up. Once there, press X to open up the Power Up menu. There are currently six different categories that can be upgraded.

  • Fighting Skill – This category includes upgrades for standard attacks that do not consume Gravity Energy when used.
  • Gravity Kick – The second area of Power Ups can be upgraded to make Kat’s Gravity Kick attacks and combos more damaging.
  • Stasis Field – Upgrade this category to increase the radius of the Stasis Field, as well as the amount of items that it can pick up at one time.
  • Evasion – This category is all about evading enemy attacks. Upgrade this area to unlock counterattacks, faster evasive maneuvers and more.
  • Gravity Slide – Players can drop Precious Gems into this category to unlock Gravity Slide attacks, combos, and jumps.
  • Special Attacks – This final category is used to upgrade and obtain new Special Attacks like Entangle. There are also plenty of upgrades available to increase the duration of these attacks and make them stronger.

How to Farm Precious Gems

The best way to farm Precious Gems is to take on Mining Expeditions. These are the same expeditions that we recommend in our guide on how to get more Talismans in Gravity Rush 2. To take on these expeditions, head over to the Banga Mining Boat and talk to Misai. He’ll offer up various areas that you can mine. 

The big trick to farming Precious Gems quickly is to choose mining locations with lots of Gravity Ore available. This number can easily be read by the Current Mining Population stat located to the right of each Mining Site. Pay attention to this number, and the current Gravity Concentration to see if a Mining Site is worth investigating and farming. We suggest going with a site that has excess of 100 Mining Population, as that will reward you with more Precious Gems and the possibility of additional Talismans that can be found when mining.

That’s all you need to know about gathering up Precious Gems. If you follow this guide, you’ll be on you way to gaining every Power Up available to Kat within no time. Remember to save up your Precious Gems and follow our best Power Ups guide to find out which Power Ups are the most important for the first few hours of the game. Be sure to head back over to our Gravity Rush 2 walkthrough for updated walkthroughs, guides, and information about the game as we dive deeper into the story surrounding Kat and her pals. 

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