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Gravity Rush 2 – How to Complete Treasure Hunts

by Josh Hawkins

There’s plenty to do in Kat’s latest adventure, Gravity Rush 2. One of the most intriguing things to do is to complete Treasure Hunts. These special sequences allow you to search for a treasure chest, which when found will reward you with useful items that can be used on your adventure. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about Treasure Hunts in Gravity Rush 2, including how to complete them easily.

How to Get Started

To get started on a Treasure Hunt you simply have to wait. As you play through the game you’ll receive notifications, which can be viewed from the Pause Menu of the game. Press the Options key on the PlayStation 4 controller, and the navigate to the Announcements tab. Here you can filter out the announcements that you’ll see. Choose the Treasure Hunts tab to bring up Treasure Hunt associated announcements.

Once you have a Treasure Hunt notification, activate it and you should be loaded into a new area of the game that features specific buildings and locations associated with the Treasure Hunt. 

How to Complete Treasure Hunts

After activating the Treasure Hunt, and arriving in the new area, take a look around. Pay careful attention to the picture in the bottom right of the screen. This will give you a good idea of where to look for the treasure. You can also press the Touchpad at any time to enlarge the image and make it easier to see.

Head around the area of the world that you spawn in and listen out for a faint beeping noise. This will tell you when you are in close proximity to the treasure chest. If you move too far away, Kat’s dialogue box will appear at the bottom of the screen, urging you to turn back.

Be sure to use Kat’s full powerset to explore the environment around you. We’ve discovered Treasure Chests resting on top of buildings, underneath awnings, so no part of the world is off limits for these hunts.

Once you have found the treasure chest, all that’s left to do is take a picture using the game’s Photo Mode. Make sure to find a good spot for your hint photo, as it will be passed around to other players connected to the game servers. Take your photo, and once you have one that you like, upload it to the servers and send it out to another random player.

You should now know how to complete Treasure Hunts in Gravity Rush 2. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the process, be sure to take a look at our other Gravity Rush 2 guides, and dive into the game with our detailed article on how to get more Precious Gems. We also have guides to help you learn how to find more Talismans. Check back often for updated walkthroughs, guides, and more details about Gravity Rush 2 in the coming days.


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