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Gravity Rush 2 – Combat Tips

by Josh Hawkins

Combat is an essential part of the formula in Gravity Rush 2, and players will find themselves fighting enemies in various environments. If you want to truly master the art of gravity-based combat, though, you’re going to have to know a few things before you dive into the game. In this article we’ll pass on some Gravity Rush 2 combat tips that we’ve learned during our time with the game.

Use Gravity to Your Advantage

Gravity Rush 2 makes a pretty big deal out of Kat’s gravity powers, and for good reason. These abilities are exceptionally useful during combat, and non-combat sequences, and they will play a huge part in how Kat gets around the game world. You should also learn everything you can about each faucet of the gravity powers that Kat has, though, as they are all important pieces of the puzzle that will help you defeat your enemies.

Combat sequences can benefit from several different forms of gravity power usage. Players can use gravity to dodge enemy attacks, moving out of their range of fire. Specific Gravity Styles will allow different movement options, so be sure to read up on those with our complete guide on how to get all the Gravity Styles in Gravity Rush 2. 

If you use Kat’s gravity powers to your advantage, you can whisk around the battle arena, dodging enemy attacks and constantly staying on the move. This will make it much easier for you to get around the fight, and will make taking down your enemies much easier.

Learn Your Special Attacks

Each Gravity Style has a different type of Special Attack, and while these attacks can be extremely useful, they each have their own unique uses. 

Kat’s regular Special Attack is useful for large groups of enemies. It shoots Kat into the horde of enemies, spinning her around in a circle as she automatically tracks to each new enemy. This is great for clearing huge waves of Nevi or soldiers.

The Lunar Gravity Style Special Attack is similar to the regular special, in that it is useful for large groups of enemies, though it can also be used effectively on larger enemies that have multiple points you must destroy. This attack gathers all the nearby debris and throws it at enemies, automatically tracking towards them as you move the Right stick to target them. 

The final Special Attack, the Jupiter Gravity Style special, creates a massive black hole that sucks enemies into it, causing damage to them. It can be used on smaller groups of enemies, or saved for larger enemies that prove to be a hassle.

Team Up

Throughout the main story Kat will often find herself participating in battle with Raven, her friend from the original Gravity Rush. When together they can team up to create stronger attacks that deal much more damage to enemies that they target. This is extremely useful with the Jupiter Gravity Style, which makes Kat heavier, allowing her to deal more damage with each kick, punch, or attack. When using this style of gravity, Kat and Raven can charge up their kicks and unleash a shockwave across the ground where they land, releasing devastating amounts of damage against any enemies who get in their way.

These are just a few of the tips we have to offer to help you become a stronger fighter in Gravity Rush 2. As you complete the game’s story, you’ll learn new abilities and skills that will help make Kat a stronger fighter as you take on the various enemies throughout the game. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new Talismans, and be sure to constantly check your upgrades to make sure you are purchasing skills that align with your playstyle. Return to our Gravity Rush 2 guide for more detail articles, or take a look at our guide on the best Power Ups to grab first in Gravity Rush 2.