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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online: How to Use Deathmatch Creator

by Prima Games Staff

Rockstar Games released a great new update for Grand Theft Auto Online, which is now available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. With it came improvements to setting up your own matches in both online racing events and deathmatch tournaments.

For this guide, we’ll look at the deathmatch portion, where you wage war in two particular modes: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. While those may sound basic compared to what most shooters offer these days, you still have miles of terrain to cover in Los Santos and Blaine County while fragging friends and enemies.

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to get started.

How to Create a Deathmatch in GTA Online

To create events in GTA Online, simply go to the Online tab on the pause menu and highlight Creator. From there, you’ll be able to find an origin point in which to set up your matches, as well as particular rules and locations of power-ups.

Remember, you have the entire city to look around and set up a match. Want to do some damage in the foothills? Perhaps you’d like to head downtown and get your skirmish on. Whatever you choose, Rockstar’s world is practically your oyster. Look around and don’t be afraid to try something new.

How to Place a Trigger Location in GTA Online

This is your origin point for getting a match started in GTA Online. It’s where players will find you, as well as the rules that you’ve set up for the match. Simply find the location where you want to begin building the map and then set the trigger point.

How to Place Start and Spawn Points in GTA Online

An important factor when it comes to creating an ideal online map is making sure the points are set up at a good pace. The last thing you want to do is set up a Start Point or Spawn Point where the other team can easily ambush you. Put together the perimeters and size of your map, but make sure it’s nicely spaced out. From there, find good points where you feel your team can get a good running start, as well as another strong point for the rival team. If you set up bad points, players may not return to your map – and you certainly won’t be Rockstar Certified, a moniker that signifies the best of the best in the game. 

Spacing is everything. It provides that hint of breathing room where teams can put together a strategy and then run into battle. Small maps are good to run around on, but make sure they’re not too small to the point where your squad doesn’t stand a chance. Plan things carefully.

How to Choose Weapons and Vehicles in GTA Online

With the Creator tool, you have access to a number of goodies that you can put into a match. Whether you prefer more basic weapons or want to go all-out ballistic with heavy firepower, there is no shortage of what you can do.

Remember, placement is everything on a map. You don’t want to litter armor around each corner – you want players to pursue it and feel the challenge of going out in the open for that bonus item.

You’ll also want to balance classes. Everyone should have an opportunity to win, so don’t overpower classes right away. RPG’s are fun, of course, but everyone should have a chance to win the match.

In addition, cover points are vital. As great as it is to have people running around in the open and getting blasted, it helps to have a cover point where you can recover and get back into the match. Don’t go crazy on these, but have a few safe spots where you can plan your next move. 

Finally, when it comes to vehicles, make sure you have just the right amount so that it doesn’t become a full-on demolition derby. Some people will still be on foot, after all, so you can even the playing field with a decent count. You can add more if you wish, but a handful should easily get the job done. Besides, if you want to race, you can always set that up elsewhere.

Don’t forget you can put down props as well, like obstacles and ramps, to mix things up. This shouldn’t be a Sunday drive, after all.

Show off Your Creative Side

Finally, while you’ll want to keep some of the deathmatch basics in mind, remember to show your creative side. Create a fun map on a hillside where someone could easily go tumbling off. Spread mayhem into the streets and hide armor in key spots where you can get a good view. The point of this creator is to bring out the best of your creation abilities – don’t just slap something together and go. After all, this world is yours for the taking.

Always Test Your Deathmatch in GTA Online

After you put together your ideal deathmatch map, you’ll have the opportunity to test it to make sure everything’s up to speed. We can’t recommend this process enough, as it allows you to see if everything works, and if necessary, make changes.

Once you’re good to go – it shouldn’t take long if you keep the design basics in mind – you can sign in to your Social Club account and submit your map. Who knows, you might just get Rockstar Verified.

Good luck – and invite us for a few sessions.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as part of Grand Theft Auto 5. Be sure to check out our Free Guide for complete coverage on the game!

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