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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online: How to Create a Race

by Prima Games Staff

Rockstar Games released a great new update for Grand Theft Auto Online that is now available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. With it came improvements to setting up your own matches in both online racing events and deathmatch tournaments.

For this guide, we’re looking at the Race Creator. The Beta allows you to create custom events with three particular races – Race, GTA Race and Rally Race. Not only that, you can race on land, in the air or on the sea. Yes, you can finally set up that Wave Race-style get-together you always wanted.

Here are some tips to help get you started.

How to Begin Creating a Race

To begin building your ultimate racing event, pause the game and select the Creator option from the Online tab. From there, you’ll be able to check out a quick tutorial on how to build your races.

Initially, you’ll need to create a Land Race. While you may be itching to get in the air or water, this is required before Sea and Air Races open up. It shouldn’t take long to put together, though. Just make something that’s either Lap-based or Point-to-Point, with a start and finish marker separate from each other, and the option’s as good as yours. 

How to Set Up Rules

With online races, you can set up a number of options based on what kind of race you’re in the mood for. Vehicle classes vary depending on aircraft, water vehicles (let’s race boats), big trucks, motorcycles and more. It’s really up to you, depending on what you’re in the mood for, but all the vehicles are fun.

From there, choose what type of race you want – again, GTA or Rally – and whether you want Laps or Point-to-Point. You’ll also set up checkpoints, but you’ll want to make sure they’re spaced out. Don’t necessarily make them 100 yards apart – be creative, and set up some interesting turns or jumps to go through. Make them somewhat of a challenge to reach, but not overbearing.

The number of players you can have in a racing event varies, but it’s best to go with the traditional eight. This gives you more than enough competition to worry about, and doesn’t leave anyone out in the cold compared to usual four-player racing get-togethers. Don’t go overboard, keep it simple and fun.

The City is Your Playground

When it comes to setting up racing events, you’ll find few limitations in Los Santos and Blaine County. Pretty much the entire grid is open, where you can put together custom checkpoints, routes, direction and even obstacles for vehicles to go over, like ramps on the ground or water and ducking under bridges in mid-air. 

If you get stuck, look around and see where you can take a route next. Usually you can find a route on outside corners, or maybe even through a street, to lead you to the next checkpoint. Don’t be too cut and dry with your races – creativity really pays off. Who knows, Rockstar may even notice and give you a Rockstar Certified label if it’s good enough.

Add a Personal Touch

When it comes to creating races, you can add a few bits of flair to make them stand out. Obstacles, again, really make a difference, adding unpredictability to the otherwise typical route.

In addition, you can also set up custom cameras for highlight points in the race. These allow the action to slow down for a bit so you can see cars coming off a ramp, or clearing a corner almost effortlessly as they keep momentum. Don’t litter the route too much with these, but definitely try a couple out. You’ll be surprised how it might motivate a player who’s behind.

Remember to Test Your Race

As with any online event you put together – Deathmatch, Race or otherwise – you’ll have the opportunity to test it out against AI-driven players. This is vital to making sure all the kinks are worked out, so definitely take advantage of it.

Seeing how players react the first time around will let you know what needs fixing, whether it’s a corner being too tight for a turn or a checkpoint that’s a little further out than you’d prefer it to be.

Although this process can take a little while, it does help you avoid taking part in broken or incomplete tracks in the game. It’s more than worth the time to get it done.

Finally, remember that you need a Social Club account in order to submit your tracks. It’s free to register, and it helps get your name out there. It’ll definitely do you some good.

Have Fun

Finally, when it comes to creating races, you don’t always have to go the usual route. Show your inventive side and put together unlikely checkpoints (not broken ones, mind you – test them thoroughly), and invite fellow players to check them out, particularly friends. Who knows, you just might have the means to get Rockstar Certified. We’ll see you on the race track!

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as part of Grand Theft Auto 5. Be sure to check out our Free Guide for complete coverage on the game!

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