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Is Gotham Knights Connected to Rocksteady’s Arkham Universe?

by Lucas White

Over the weekend during the livestreamed DC Fandome event, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment revealed two new video games set in the DC Comics Multiverse. The first game, teased now for several years by WB Montreal, is Gotham Knights. The second, from Rocksteady, is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. One question has been coming out of the Fandome woodwork since both reveals, as fans are wondering if both, or either of these games are connected to the Arkham series.

Is Gotham Knights a new Arkhamverse Game?

While Rocksteady has confirmed its Suicide Squad game is indeed a continuation from Arkham Knight, WB Montreal has confirmed the opposite. The development studio has released a statement cementing Gotham Knights an original story that isn’t connected to any other established timelines. So while we’ll undoubtedly be familiar with these characters in terms of their personalities and whatnot, they aren’t going to be the same people who appeared in the Arkham games.

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There was some confusion or speculation over this, as the Gotham Knights trailer opened with a posthumous message from Bruce Wayne, which seemed like a natural connection to Arkham Knight’s ambiguous ending. At the same time, other factors such as Barbara Gordon back to being Batgirl (instead of Oracle) and Jim Gordan’s ostensible death conflicted with the events of Arkham Knight. So it’s good to have that confirmation, especially this early on so fans can adjust their expectations appropriately.

Gotham Knights was revealed through both a reveal trailer and a nearly ten-minute gameplay demonstration, showing off the game’s combat systems and two-player co-op. While it seems like Gotham Knights is a bit more of a statsy action-RPG compared to the Arkham series, it doesn’t go as far in the other direction as, say, Marvel’s Avengers. That said, we do see things like damage numbers, critical hits, and possibly alternative costume options. But as far as we know Gotham Knights only supports up to two players, and is totally built around a single player experience.

Are you looking forward to both of these new DC Universe games? Or is one more enticing to you than the other? Are you looking forward to playing as a particular character in either Gotham Knights or Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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