Treasure Maps are a great way to build up on special items and make some Hacksilver in God of War. They also offer a good way to explore the world and dive deeper into the lore surrounding Kratos and Atreus. The Njord’s Oarsmen Treasure Map is just one of many, but today we’ll show you how to find the Treasure Map, as well as how to solve it and dig up the goods.

Njord’s Oarsmen Treasure Map Location

To find the Njord’s Oarsmen Treasure Map, you’re going to need to head to the Northri Stronghold. There’s a mystic gateway that you can take here.

Once you arrive, head past the dwarf’s work area and continue through a small tunnel to the back of the area. Ignore the first boat dock you come to and continue onward, beyond the old ship and dock at the boat dock here.

Head up the path to your right and follow it into the boat by breaking through a series of wooden boards blocking a hole. Inside the boat you’ll find this treasure map, next to a dead soldier’s body.

Njord’s Oarsmean Treasure Map Solution

With the Njord’s Oarsmen Treasure Map in hand, it’s time to head to your next destination. Open up the map to get a glimpse of the location and then head over to the inlet of water beneath the bridge that leads over to the Council of Valkyries.

This is The Mason’s Channel. You should see two massive statues of oarsmen here. Look for a small beach on the left side of the channel’s entrance and pull the boat up onto the shore. From here, head forward and up the cliffside using the climbing area. This will lead you into a small cave.

Follow the cave from here, go across a ledge, and continue deeper to find another dwarven work area. Across from the dwarf is another climbing area. Head up it and follow the path forward into another small cave area. Continue onward and out to reach the side of the oarsmen statue. The dig site is right here as well, next to the edge of the cliff.

Completing the Njord’s Oarsmen Treasure Map will reward you with 1 Legendary enchantment, 1 Glacial Catalyst, 10 World Serpent Scales, and 20,000 Hacksilver, a nice bounty for such little work.

Now that you’ve solved the Njord’s Oarsmen Treasure Map, head back over to our God of War walkthrough for more helpful information as well as information on how to defeat all the bosses in God of War.