God of War – Island of Light Treasure Map Guide

We’ll show you where to find the Island of Light buried treasure in God of War.

The Island of Light treasure map is one of twelve different treasure maps players can find in God of War. Each treasure map offers hints as to where to find buried treasure somewhere in the nine realms. If you haven’t solved the Island of Light treasure map just yet, don’t worry. We’ve put together this guide to help you obtain the Island of Light treasure map itself and unearth the treasure it points to.

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Island of Light Treasure Map Location 

To find the Island of Light treasure map in God of War, you’ll need to hop in a boat and dock at a shore along the north side of the Lake of Nine in Midgard. The map is laying on a beach adjacent to the two large oarsmen guarding the entrance to the Mason’s Channel, just southeast of the Light Elf Outpost. 

God of War Island of Light Treasure Map Location

It’s important to note that the water level of the lake needs to be lowered first in order to find this treasure map. Try to make some progress through the main story mission to lower the lake’s water level if you haven’t already. Here’s what the clue on the Island of Light treasure map says: “While we hail from Alfheim, the Light Elves make sure to watch over Midgard. I’ve spent most of my life here at this soutpost and I will likely die here.”

Island of Light Treasure Map Solution  

The Island of Light buried treasure is not far from where you found the map itself. To find the treasure, you have to travel to the Light Elf Outpost, which is a small island to the northwest of the beach where you found the treasure map. 

Before you can find the buried treasure, you’ll have to clear out the enemies that inhabit the outpost. From the entrance to the outpost, climb up the chain on the left. Turn left when you reach the light bridge ahead and continue down the stone-lined path. Hop the gap, bypass the next chain, and keep going forward. Continue until you reach another chain you can drop down. 

Look along the ledge for a dirt mound to find the buried treasure. If you’re in the correct spot, you will see a waterfall in the distance that corresponds with the image on the treasure map. Behind you is a metal door that you can lift to return to the center of the outpost.

God of War Island of Light Treasure Map Location

If you’ve already opened the metal door in this area, you can start by going up the first light bridge on the right from the entrance. Turn around and follow the path to hop across the gap. Around the corner to the right is the metal gate, and on the other side you’ll find the Island of Light treasure.

Solving the Island of Light treasure map will reward you with one Rare Enchantment, an Unyielding Cinder upgrade, a handful of Aegir’s Gold, some World Serpent Scale Fragments, and several thousand Hacksilver. Not bad for a day’s work.

If you’re looking to get the Platinum trophy for God of War, you’ll need to finish up the rest of the treasure maps and make progress on the rest of the collectibles in the game. Our God of War Walkthrough and Guide has what you need to fully complete the game, including guides like where to find all Jotnar Shrine Locations in God of War.

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