Ghost of Tsushima: Observe Leaders for Extra Stance Points

If you hold off on murking outpost leaders, you can get an extra stance point!

Ghost of Tsushima is an enormous game, and as such it’s pretty easy to miss a lot of smaller details. That’s especially true when it comes to earning stance points, the progression metric you need to upgrade your various stances and get new combat abilities. Ghost of Tsushima’s narrative seems to have mixed opinions on stealth, but there’s at least one clear benefit to waiting before challenging an outpost via the front door.

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How to Observe Leaders for Extra Stance Points in Ghost of Tsushima

When you’re approaching an outpost, in many cases you’ll see a bonus objective suggesting you “observe” the leader. To do that, you’ll have to take the stealthy approach, at least for the time being. Usually when you get the observe objective, you’ll find the leader practicing somewhere in the outpost. Focused Hearing helps a lot here, which makes sense. Once you find the leader you’ll have to get fairly close without blowing your cover, but if you do it right you’ll see a R2 prompt to observe. You have to hold the button for a bit for it to work, but the effort it can take to commit to this is totally worth your while. 

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Once you finish the objective, you’re good to go loud, and take care of the rest of the outpost. If you take the leader out first, you’ll even be treated to a reaction from the rest of his crew, who will recoil a bit in shock before gathering themselves and going after you for revenge. Once you take care of business, you’ll get an extra stance point for completing the observation task, in addition to the one you get for taking down the leader and taking the outpost. If you can consistently nail the observe task, you should be able to unlock all of your stances by the end of the first act.

Getting these extra stance points is just one of many tricks that will help you get the most out of Ghost of Tsushima. Like we said it’s an enormous game, and we’re still slicing through it to get you all more tips and tricks. You can check out some of our previous guides at the links below:


Do you have a favorite stance so far in Ghost of Tsushima? Or were you more interested in triggering showdowns when approaching outposts instead? Do you think the sneaky approach is too hard or too easy? Share your thoughts with us over on Twitter or Facebook!



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