Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Metacritic Score Revealed

A night of mystery that begins with a very high Metascore!

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Metacritic Score Revealed

It’s not every day we get re-releases of Nintendo DS games! This unique Nintendo system from the time when Nintendo had a diverse range of games for its portable and home systems is really full of somewhat forgotten gems. One of them is certainly Capcom’s detective puzzler Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective which, after almost 13 years, finally got a remaster for all modern systems.

Originally very well received by critics and audiences alike in 2010 or 2011, is this classic in its remastered edition liked by today’s critics and fans? It is time to find out, let’s check Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Metacritic score.

What is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Metacritic Score?

The PlayStation 4 version of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective has a Metascore of 83 from 24 critic reviews, the PC version ranks even higher with a very strong score of 89 from only 7 critic reviews, Nintendo Switch version is in the middle with an 85 score from 17 critics, Xbox got 82 from just 5 reviews.

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Overall a very high score for an old game that seems to be as fresh and well-liked today as it was a decade ago. Actually, the median score from all of the new versions is even higher than the original localized Western edition from 2011 – the Nintendo DS version has a Metascore of 83 from 60 critic reviews and a near-perfect 9.6 user score, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Did you play Ghost Trick back in the day? If you haven’t, these ratings clearly show that it’s something special, so now you have a second chance not to miss this unique detective platformer that Capcom decided to bring back to life.

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