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Ghost Recon Wildlands – How to Get the Spas-12, Best Shotgun

by Josh Hawkins

If you enjoy taking your enemies out up while up close and personal, then you’re going to want to ditch your assault rifle and pick up a trusty shotgun. There’s no shotgun more well-known than the Spas-12, and if you want to take enemies out with rounds of buckshot, you won’t find a better weapon suited to the task. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know to find the Spas-12, which is arguably the best shotgun in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

How to Get the Spas-12

In order to get the Spas-12, you’re going to need to locate and enter the province of La Cruz. This province is located along the southeastern edge of Itacua, the province that you start the game in. Once in La Cruz, locate F.O.B. Vibora, which can be found along the railroad tracks that run across the northwestern area of the region.

The easiest way to get to this area if you haven’t traveled here yet is to spawn at the southmost Rally Point in Itacua, then head southeast until you pass into La Cruz. While a helicopter or plane will get you here the quickest, there are several SAM sites in the area, which could lead to you being shot down.

The armory that contains the Weapon Case with the Spas-12 is found along the northwestern section of the Vibora base.

The easiest way to attack this location is to come at it from the southwest. There are several sniper towers around the area, so you’ll want to clear them out first. You can either do this manually, or use the Sync Shot feature to have your squad take them all out. While it isn’t necessary to clear all the enemies in watchtowers out, we suggest doing so to limit the chance of being seen.

Once the watchtowers are clear, focus your attention on a gate that runs along the road that comes out of the western edge of the base. There are around four soldiers in this area you’ll want to clear out before proceeding.

Two of the soldiers you need to take care of patrol along a bridge-like section of road to the west. Wait for them to move away from the gate, then have your team take them out.

With the main road clear, toss up your drone and check the gate. There is usually an enemy keeping watch here, so you’ll want to take him out too.

Now that the gate is clear of any UNIDAD, it’s time to infiltrate the base. Beware of any roving patrols in the area, as UNIDAD soldiers tend to move around a bit. Keep to the left wall of the base, and use the crates and barriers as cover to keep your team out of sight.

The Weapon Case is just to the right of the door that leads into the Armory. Loot it to obtain the Spas-12. Just because you have a shotgun doesn’t mean you can’t still be stealthy, though. You can actually obtain a suppressor, which you can equip to the Spas-12, making it a lethal weapon that enemies will never hear coming.

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