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Ghost Recon Wildlands – How to Get the MK17

by Josh Hawkins

The MK17 is one of the strongest assault rifles in Ghost Recon Wildlands, and players will want to obtain it early on as it boasts some very good stats. Unfortunately, the province that you find this weapon in is one of the more difficult, but we’ve put together an article that will help you make your way to the weapon’s location quite quickly and easily. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know to obtain the Ghost Recon Wildlands MK17 Assault Rifle as early as possible.

How to get the MK17

In order to unlock the MK17 early, you’re going to need to acquire a Parachute, which we’ve already discussed in another guide. Once you have the parachute, grab yourself a chopper, and make your way down to Flor De Oro.

The location that you’re looking for is M.O.B. Jaguar, one of the main bases of the UNIDAD patrols that you’ve probably run into quite a few times during your time in Ghost Recon Wildlands. This base is very fortified, and has plenty of troops scattered around it to mount a small war on your squad, so be discreet as you make your approach.

Come in from up high, using the chopper to get high above the area. Make sure to mark the location of the Armory on the map, as this is where you’ll want to land and grab the weapon from.

Once you’re over the marker on your map, bail out of the helicopter and let it fall to its doom. This is why you need the parachute.

Aim for the marker that you placed on the Armory, and get as close as possible before pulling your chute, so as to attract the least amount of attention.

Sneak around the back, to lose line of sight with some of the nearby guards, and silently take out any guards you feel might be too much of a threat. Just beware that any and all attacks could lead to all-out war with the UNIDAD.

With the way clear, head inside the Armory and loot the Weapon Case to the right of the doorway. You now how one of the most powerful Assault rifles in the game. Looking for more guns? Be sure to check out our guide on how to unlock the Vector, as well as our guide on how to get the best sniper in the game. We also have a complete guide that will help you unlock every gun in the game, so be sure to check that out before returning to our Ghost Recon Wildlands guide.

We’ll have even more Ghost Recon content coming in the next few days, so check back often for new information, updates, and guides.