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Ghost Recon Wildlands – How to Get the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Outfit

by Josh Hawkins

Ghost Recon Wildlands offers a lot of customization options for players, and those who want to look their best will need to make sure they pick up all the different cosmetic items that they can. Recently, Ubisoft released a costume for Wildlands which allows players to pick up the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Outfit. In this article we’ll go over the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Outfit in Ghost Recon Wildlands, how to get it, and what you get along with it.

How to Get the Future Soldier Outfit

While many of the cosmetic items in Ghost Recon Wildlands can be found or earned through the game, you’ll actually need to purchase a cosmetic pack, or own the original game, if you want the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Outfit. The cosmetic pack itself will cost 2100 Credits.

But, before you can purchase it, you’ll need to pick up some credits. Credits currently come in five varying amounts, starting as low as 800 and ending as high as 11,530. These items do cost real money, though, so keep that in mind if you plan to pick up the Ghost Recon Future Soldier pack.

The easiest way to get enough credits to pick up this pack is to purchase the 3,840 Credit pack, which costs $19.99. This pack will give you the 2100 Credits you need, as well as some extras to go towards other cosmetics or boosters that you might want later on. Alternatively, if you don’t feel you’ll use that many Credits, you can just purchase one of the $9.99 packs, which gives you 1700 Credits. Then, to obtain the additional Credits you need, pick up the 800 Credit pack for $4.99. This saves you $5, but still gives you the Credits that you need to buy the item.

Sadly, there isn’t a way to obtain this cosmetic pack in the game itself, so the only ways to get it are to either own Ghost Recon Future Soldier, or pick up some credits and buy it in the Store.

What Comes in the Future Soldier Pack

Those of you trying to decide what you want to do, should take a look at the items included in the Ghost Recon Future Soldier cosmetic pack. We’ve listed the three items that you receive below, so take a look to see what comes in the pack.

Items Received in Future Soldier Pack:

  • Ghost Recon Future Soldier Special Outfit
  • Ghost Recon Future Soldier themed ACR
  • Ghost Recon Future Soldier Patch

Unfortunately you cannot customize the outfit itself, so if you choose to pick it up and wear it, you’ll have to accept it the way that it is already setup.

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