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Ghost Recon Wildlands – All Kingslayer File Locations

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to uncover the story behind Ghost Recon Wildlands, you’re going to need to dig deeper into the bosses that you’re taking down. This can be accomplished by finding and reading Kingslayer Files. These items, which can range from CDs to folders, to documents offer insight into the lives of those that the Ghosts must target and take down in Wildlands. In this article we’ll show you how to find the location of every Kingslayer File in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Finding all of these items will count towards your achievement, The Whole Story.

How to Find All Kingslayer Files

Kingslayer Files are automatically marked on the map when you come close to them, making them fairly easy to find. Unfortunately, due to the size of the game world, this endeavor could take a while if you do it alone. This guide will break down each of the game’s provinces, and showcase the locations of every Kingslayer File so that you can easily find it. 


The first province that you begin in has a total of 10 Kingslayer Files for you to find and obtain.

#1 – Legend

This Kingslayer File can be found and picked up in Yopil Village. This area is located just northwest of where you drop off Amaru. Look inside the church to find this item.

#2 – Document

To find the second Kingslayer File, make your way to Buena Vida. You’ll need to search a two-story brick building which is located in the southwestern portion of the city. The Kingslayer File can be found on the counter on the first floor, to the left inside the door.

#3 – Document

Head to the Outpost that you must infiltrate during Amaru’s Rescue, and approach the watchtower from the east. This Kingslayer File can be found resting on a nearby chair. 

#4 – Legend

Head northwest of Itacua’s Alpha Rally Point until you spot a dirt road that leads up to the top of a hill. This is Santa Catalina Chapel. Clear out any enemies around the area, then head inside and look for this Kingslayer File inside.

#5 – Document

Players will need to infiltrate F.O.B. Armadillo to find this Kingslayer File. Head into the base using the bare area of wall on the southwestern wall. Be mindful of the nearby enemies. Once inside the base, immediately turn left and head inside the bunker to find this document resting on the ground.

#6 – Document

Head to the small village of Pantoja, which is located in the southwestern corner of Itacua. There’s a small two-story house located in the bend of the road here. Head inside and search the top floor to find this Kingslayer File on the bed.

#7 – Document

Head to Mendez Farm, the Rebel location where you drop off Supply Raid choppers and planes in this area, and look for the barn to the left of the driveway. Head inside the barn and look for this Kingslayer File inside.

#8 – Document

The eight Kingslayer File in this province can be found at Colque Ranch, which is just east of Atollo Farm—the location that you must infiltrate to free Amaru. Look inside the small red house at Colque Ranch to find this Kingslayer File inside.

#9 – Document

Make your way down to the Southwest Outpost and clear out the Santa Blanca soldiers around the area. Then, once the way is clear, look for the two-story barn in the west-central part of the base. A Kingslayer File can be found inside the barn, on the second floor.

#10 – Document

To find the last Kingslayer File in Itacua, make your way to Bocca Farm. This is the location of the Medical Supply Raid that you can unlock from Intel found in this province. Carefully clear out the enemies around the area, so as to avoid and detection and a large firefight. Once the farm is clear, head into the barn and look for this Kingslayer File inside.


This province holds 9 Kingslayer Files for players to find.

#1 Document

The first Kingslayer File in Ocoro can be found at the Coca Paste Factory. You’ll need to make your way inside if you want to find the file, though, so be careful and take out any enemies that get in your way. You’ll find this Kingslayer File on the second floor, in an office located in the southeastern corner of the building.

#2 Document

The next Kingslayer File is found at the Northeast Outpost in Ocoro. Use the main road to enter the outpost from its southern entrance, then turn left once inside. There’s a dirt patch here that leads directly into an office in an old shed. Look for the Kingslayer file on the table in the office.

#3 Legend

The third Kingslayer File in this province is going to be trickier to find if you haven’t explored the area surrounding Puerto Grande. You’ll need to look for an old fisherman’s hut on the edge of the water, just to the west of Puerto Grande. There’s a dirt road that leads northwest out of town that should lead you down to it. Look for the Kingslayer File on the front porch.

#4 Document

Make your way to the West Outpost and pay careful attention as you enter the area. The building with this Kingslayer File is smack dab in the middle of the area, so you will need to be careful. We’d suggest coming at this one alone, as your NPC allies are less likely to cause any issues with the guards. Look for a three-story building in the center of the outpost, and climb up to the second floor to find this Kingslayer File on a desk inside the building.

#5 Document

Infiltrate the main Ocoro base and look out for an auto-repair garage on the eastern side of the base. The left-hand garage door is open, revealing the contents of the garage inside. You’ll need to sneak to this area and look for the Kingslayer File on the shelves inside that left-hand garage area.

#6 Document

To find the sixth Kingslayer File, make your way to Pujio and head south out of the village. The area that you’re looking for will jump out when you find it. Search for a gated residence south of the village and then enter it and make your way to the kitchen inside to find this Kingslayer File on the island counter.

#7 Document

Fast travel over to Ocoro’s Bravo Rally Point and then head west away from the area. The next Kingslayer File can be found by locating a checkpoint along the road. Look for a helicopter, Jeep, and several guards to mark the area. The Kingslayer File is inside the two-story building that serves as a makeshift watchtower. Enter the building and look for the file on a bed upstairs.

#8 Legend

This time around players will want to make their way to Campo Ana. The Kingslayer File here can be found in the Mayor’s Office of the city hall building. Look for the area where the main road into Campo Ana merges with the smaller streets, then enter the large three-story building and search the mayor’s office on the top floor to find this Kingslayer File.

#9 Legend

Locate Pachamama Scars in Ocoro, as that is where you will find the next Kingslayer File. This area is east of the city of Campo Ana, so just head out of the town and look for a massive water tower up along the hills. This Kingslayer File can be found on a small table nearby, next to a set of pallets and barrels. This area is heavily guarded, though, so be careful.

We will be updating this guide constantly with the locations of new Kingslayer Files, so be sure to check back every day for new content and information. You can also return to our Ghost Recon Wildlands guide, where we show you everything you need to know to unlock every gun in the game, as well as how to use C4 and unlock the parachute.

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