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Get Even – How to Get the Benefit of the Doubt Trophy

by Josh Hawkins

As you play through Get Even, there are several different things that you can do to change the things that happen in the game. As you play through the game, you’ll need to head to the building where Jasper is being held. Once here, you’ll encounter a man in a locked cell. This article will tell you how to unlock the cell and acquire the Benefit of the Doubt trophy or achievement in the Get Even game.

How to Unlock the Cell and Free the Hostage

The easiest way to obtain this trophy is to replay through the chapter Jasper’s Dying Minutes. After finding out where Jared is, head towards his location. Just before the room that leads to his cell, you’ll come across a hostage locked in a room with several wooden crates. The man begs you to free him, and says that if he remains here, they will kill him.

You have two choices here. You can choose to free him, which is required to get the Benefit of the Doubt trophy, or you can ignore him. Unlike many of the other choices in the game, this choice has no direct reflection on any other situations within the story. So, if you want to get this achievement, you can do so without running into any issues later in the story.

To free the man, and obtain this trophy, talk with him and then turn to your right. You should spot a door with a buster out glass window. Approach this door and pull out the Cornergun, which you can use to shoot around corners. You need to aim to the left with the Cornergun, and then take aim at the door controls—a breaker switch—at the end of the hallway. Shoot the controls and the door to the hostage’s room will open up, allowing him to escape.

Return to the window where you talked to the man, and he’ll tell you that Jared is just a little further in the building. Then he will turn and leave the area after thanking you for your help. Now you can head forward through the chapter and free Jared.

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