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Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Verification Event Guide and Rewards

No crystal defending, just mindless monster killing

by Patrick Souza

With the imminent end of Dehya’s banner, Genshin Impact requires another new event to keep players entertained. Vibro-Crystal Verification comes to their aid bringing back a past combat-related event with an entertaining gimmick and reasonable rewards all in exchange for a few minutes of your time.

This is also another chance to finally test a few limited characters you don’t own as they’re available for completing your team. And they came quite strong, to say the least, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

Genshin Impact – Vibro-Crystal Verification Event Guide

The event can be easily accessed by all players who are Adventure Rank 28 or above and have completed the “Rite of Parting.” Archon Quest in Liyue. After that, follow the Vibro-Crystal Reharmonization quest in The Chasm and make some small talk to unlock it.

The event’s story is another setup for the upcoming Fontaine region, but its elements are recycled (and updated) from its past version. Each challenge will require two different teams, and you can mix your own characters with Trial ones, so there are plenty of options to pick from to make sure you can kill as many enemies as possible. 

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In the Vibro-Crystal Setup menu, you can select which bonuses you’ll receive when you fulfill the requirements. You can either invest solely in a single bonus or spread them all to get a little bit of everything. Pick the best options to boost your team’s needs and go for those big numbers.

You can also just completely ignore the setup if you don’t wanna use the intended characters, but you gotta make up for it with raw damage, so be prepared. Some of the requirements are very generic, so you won’t have much trouble triggering them.

Vibro-Crystal Verification Rewards

You need a score of 2000 or higher on each challenge (unlocked daily) to get the full rewards, which include x420 Primogems, x12 Hero’s Wit, x18 Mystic Enhancement Ores, various pieces of Liyue Weapon Ascension Materials and 360000x Mora.

You’ll need to wait at least 6 days after the event is released to fully participate in it and claim all rewards. The event runs from March 14 to March 27, so no need to rush it.

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