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Genshin Impact Shared Sight Featured

We’re halfway done with the Kokomi/Wanderer banner and three-quarters done with the 3.8 version. That means the new Fontaine region will soon arrive in Genshin Impact! But we still have some unfinished business here in Sumeru, such as the new Shared Sight event. During this event, you play the role of an animal retriever while using the powers of the Inscribed Mirror to find them through their own point-of-view. Here’s everything you need to know about this event.

Shared Sight Event Guide in Genshin Impact

The event is available from August 3rd to August 14th for all players at Adventure Rank 20 or higher. Visit Lamiya in Sumeru and complete her timed quest (just speak with her once) to start the event. Your goal here is to find three animals during each stage (the paw marks scattered around Sumeru) by using the Inscribed Mirror gadget you just received.

Once you begin a stage, use the mirror, and you’ll be able to see the area through your target animal’s own eyes. From this info alone, you now have to determine where the animal is located. Some of them are easily spotted in plain sight, while a few of them are quite hidden in small spaces.

Genshin Impact Shared Sight Animals
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A marker will appear once you get near enough of them, so the challenge is mostly on finding where said animal should be located first. Once you find an animal, approach it to Retrieve it. Each stage has three hidden animals, and a new stage is unlocked daily until all six stages are open. Your current targets are shown in the event menu to make things easier.

Each stage is progressively harder than the previous one, but the locations where they’re hiding are never too big, so it’s more of a patience challenge than anything.

Shared Sight Event Rewards 

The rewards for the event include a total of x420 Primogems, as well as extras such as Mora, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ores and Sumeru Weapon Ascension Materials. Your prizes can be claimed as soon as you catch all animals in each stage, so don’t forget to do it once you’re done with each of them!

This is the last Primogems event in this patch, so it’s your last chance to stock up for Fontaine. We just received a big chunk of info regarding the upcoming region, so you might not wanna miss some extra resources!

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