Genshin Impact Perilous Expedition Event Guide and Rewards

They finally acknowledged we have more than one team!

Genshin Impact Perilous Expedition Featured

After a fun and cozy vacation in the Veluryam Mirage temporary area, it’s time to go back to the usual combat events in Genshin Impact, where you gotta make the most out of your team to get some extra resources for the future. In Perilous Expeditions, we dedicate some of our time to helping Peixiu to map some of the Sumeru areas, and we get some generous rewards out of that.

Perilous Expedition Event Guide in Genshin Impact

This event runs from July 27 to August 7, being available for all players at Adventure Rank 20 or higher who have completed the “Song of the Dragon and Freedom” Mondstadt Archon Quest. Since the event is located in Sumeru, having easy access to the region is also indirectly required.

After completing the first starting quest, you can now interact with the domain entrance right next to the NPC. There’s a total of five different combat stages with four difficulties each. The first three are synced to your own World Level, while the fourth is fixed for everyone and serves as the hardest challenge. 

You can get the Primogems by simply completing the Normal difficulty, but tackling harder levels can get you some extras if you’re willing to suffer a little bit. The gimmick here is that instead of a single team, you’ll use up to three different teams in each round!

Genshin Impact Perilous Expedition Teams
Screenshot by Prima Games

Used characters are marked with an exclamation point (!) sign next to their portraits. You can use the same characters if you want, but using different ones in each round will grant you extra buffs in the following rounds, which are absolutely necessary when going for the biggest difficulty.

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This is the best chance you’ll get to use your built characters in various different ways, so take it! You can definitely use repeated characters and get all rewards regardless, but give those different teams a try!

Perilous Expedition Rewards

The rewards for completing these arduous challenges are a total of x420 Primogems, alongside some good amounts of Mora, Character Experience Books, and Weapon Enhancement Crystals. And of course, the perfect chance to use more teams that you normally wouldn’t.

Completing challenges in the Dire difficulty without repeating characters unlocks everything at a single run, but the best things you get from those are Weapon exp items, so no pressure about completing that one. You can always go play and relax a little bit with the Adventurer’s Trials event instead.

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