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Gears of War 5 Relic Weapons: Locations of Gears 5 Relics

If you just can't stop treasure hunting, then our Gears of War 5 Relic Weapons guide will be right up your alley.
This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

If the collectibles in-game weren’t enough for you Gears 5 fiends, then you’re probably thirsting hard for more. Enter: the Gears of War 5 Relic Weapons. These aren’t a new concept by any means, but they’re definitely not a piece of cake to find. Luckily enough, you’ve got us to be your gurus. Check out our Gears 5 Relic Weapons guide that will tell you exactly when and where you can get your mitts on all these cool shooty boys.

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Gears of War 5 Relic Weapons: Locations of Gears 5 Relics

We’ve organized the Gears 5 Relic Weapons for you in an easy to read list, which is going to cover off the Act of the game that they can be found in as well as their general location and why you might find each weapon valuable. 

Boltok Relic – Act 2, Chapter 4 – You’re going to want to start tracing your steps from the Condor Crash site. Go due north until you see what looks like a very haphazard ice structure. You’ll see the Gears logo if you gently pan the camera, which will tip you off to the location of the gun. The Boltok Relic has less recoil than its run-of-the-mill brother.

Boomshot Relic – Act 2 Chapter 4 – If you’re setting out from the Northern Comm Tower, make a quick course for the substation by hanging a right, and you’ll eventually happen across an installation with the Gears logo. Peep around the corner of the machinery and you’ll see the gun. The Boomshot Relic gives you three shots per reload. 

Claw Relic – Act 3 Chapter 3 – Think of the Pump Station, and set out from there. Head south until you reach an old canal, and then go northeast of that landmark until you see a dome-shaped building with the Gears logo on it. Peek inside a nearby bush to get the weapon. The Claw Relic rewards you for nailing active reloads, by giving you an increased rate of fire. 

Dropshot Relic – Act 2 Chapter 4 – Start at the Old Derrick Site and move due east. You’re looking for chunk of ice that’s unnaturally large, even by the standards of the frosty environment around you. Loop around to the south-east portion of this ice block, and you’ll see the gun. The perk of the Dropshot Relic is that it freezes enemies and gives you some breathing room.

Embar Relic – Act 3 Chapter 3 – Head to the Crashed Condor, and make a beeline for the butt end of the plain. You’ll see that there’s a blue box perched prettily here, which has the weapon inside. The Embar Relic has a longer charge-up time than the standard version but it does more damage. 

Enforcer Relic – Act 2 Chapter 2 – You’ll find your way barred early on in Chapter 2, and you’ll be forced to make a detour through some caves. While you’re moving around in the acve system here, mince along til you’re in danger of tiptoeing off a sheer drop, then look left to spot the Gears logo and the weapon. The Enforcer Relic does more damage than its regular brethren and fires slower.

Gnasher Relic – Act 3 Chapter 3 – Set out from the Water Tower and make sure that you stay glued to the top of the map until you hit a fence that seems to run across the way. We would then start hanging west until you hit a cliff overhang, where this weapon will be. The Gnasher Relic only allows you a single slug, but it does ridiculous amounts of damage. 

Hammerburst Relic – Act 3 Chapter 3 – Set out from the City Ruins and hang right until you see a wall attached to a domed building which has the Gears logo. Head through the open gates and you’ll see a corpse next to a case containing this weapon. The Hammerburst Relic benefits from enthusiastic use because each shot fired contains a larger burst of bullets.

Lancer Relic – Act 3 Chapter 3 – Head to the Cargo Shipwreck, but forget about wandering around inside. Skirt the perimeter and you’ll see a bit where you might be able to squeeze through – this will hold the weapon you’re looking for. The Lancer Relic has a special empowered melee that stuns enemies.

Lancer GL Relic – Act 3 Chapter 3 – Start south of the Water Tower, and take what would ordinarily be an ill-advised trip off the well-traveled road due west. You’ll find yourself off the beaten track and passing under a cliff overhang with some pillars precariously holding everything up. One of those pillars has a cactus near it, and the weapon will be close by. The Lancer GL Relic shoots an explosive round wherever you’re aiming instead of a haphazard spray. It’ll blow up once it hits someone.

Longshot Relic – Act 2 Chapter 2 – If you’re gingerly trying to navigate the frozen lake, keep nervously tip-toeing along due north and you’ll come across some prized abandoned real estate in the form of a skeleton of a house. Head in to find the weapon. The Longshot Relic gives you one more bullet per reload if you’re hitting those perfect reloads like a champion. 

Markza Relic – Act 3 Chapter 3 – Scout around the Pump Statio until you notice a green flag. Head for it and you’ll eventually come across what looks like a vehicle reject pile. You’ll notice a rock with the Gears logo on it, and if you pop the boot of the car to the right of it then you’ll find this weapon. The Markza Relic lets you go full auto when you’re holding the trigger down, so you can just spray bullets everywhere (hopefully into your enemies).

Overkill Relic – Act 3 Chapter 3 – Start out at the Bridge Control House and you’ll notice that if you look south towards the train tracks, there’s a rock on the horizon. Totally unbothered. Just chilling. Head over to the rock to find the weapon. The Overkill Relic can have auto-fire enables if you hold the trigger down.

Retro Lancer Relic – Act 2 Chapter 4 – Take a hard right after the Old Cog Wall to make sure that you’re keeping west on the map. You’ll see a lake that’s frozen over, with some rocks nearby. One of these rocks will have the Gears 5 logo on it. Head over there and to the tree that’s close by to find this weapon. The Retro Lancer Relic has explosive rounds that will hurt all enemies who are close when they detonate.

Snub Relic – Act 3 Chapter 3 – We would head south from the Rocket Hangar, and then go east to hit the radio tower. After you’ve noticed it, pan your camera around and you’ll see the Gears logo that you should be having a Pavlovian response to by now. Head over to this particular panel and you’ll find the weapon. The Snub Relic will shoot two bullets instead of one each time you fire it.

Talon Relic – Act 3 Chapter 3 – Make a course for Hangar 1, and circle around to the right side of it to get this weapon. The Talon Relic rewards you for nailing active reloads by boosting your damage and decreasing your fire rate. 

Torque Bow Relic – Act 2 Chapter 4 – Keep directions to the abandoned mine in mind. You’re going to want to start trekking up the slope right by the entrance, and you’ll eventually see some sort of giant, upright wooden plank. Keep an eye out for the Gears logo, then hang west and you’ll see the weapon. The Torque Bow Relic doesn’t benefit from the regular’s signature explosive rounds, but it has faster reload speed, a higher fire rate, and more ammo capacity.

Now that you have our guide on where to find all the Gears of War 5 Relic Weapons, you’ve just got to put in the work and actually start searching. Most of them are concentrated in Acts 2 and 3, so if that’s where you’ve gotten up to in the story then it’s a piece of cake to double back for some of the better ones that are hiding out there. A bit further on in the game and wanting to know what our take is on the Gears 5 canon choice? Have a read of our guide.

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