Gears 5 is officially available for players across the world to play if they purchased the game's Ultimate Edition or are subscribed to the Ultimate Edition of the Xbox Game Pass. There were no doubt plenty of players excited to jump into the latest entry in the popular franchise and begun their adrenaline-fueled adventure. Unfortunately, a large number of players have experienced a 0x80004001 error code which has prevented them from being able to play Gears 5. Players who received this error code have been directed to search for Estana on the title's support page for a solution. If you are curious about what this Estana solution consist of, be sure to check out what we know about this particular situation below. 

Gears 5 Estana

Gears 5 Estana

Searching for the term Estana on the Gears 5 support page does not yet provide any solutions to fixing the troublesome 0x80004001 error code that has been plaguing many players since yesterday. However, you can find The Coalition's latest update regarding the connectivity issues that have been causing problems to players throughout the past day below:

Unfortunately, besides a hard reset of your console or PC, the only option players can take if these issues are still occurring for them is to submit a Gears 5 support ticket in hopes of resolving their Estana problem. 

We will continue to update this article with any new information regarding the 0x80004001 and Estana error code problems if any updates are provided by The Coalition. However, the developer of the original title is likely working around the clock to make sure these issues are solved promptly to allow players to enjoy the exciting world of Gears 5 without any trouble. 

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