Full Unturned Vehicle IDs List (2023)

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Unturned Vehicle ID List(1)

You’re always running for your life in Unturned, so having some powerful vehicles for escaping can make your life a little bit more simple. Or maybe you just want to have fun running around the map riding an awesome card you would typically take hours to find. Therefore, here’s a complete list of the game’s vehicle IDs to enjoy.

All Unturned Vehicles IDs List

With over 300 vehicles to choose from, just pick your favorite and use the appropriate command at the game’s console to spawn your desired car. Use Control + F to look for a specific car’s name.

Vehicle NameID Number
Black Offroader1
Blue Offroader2
Green Offroader3
Orange Offroader4
Purple Offroader5
Red Offroader6
White Offroader7
Yellow Offroader8
Black Hatchback9
Blue Hatchback10
Green Hatchback11
Orange Hatchback12
Purple Hatchback13
Red Hatchback14
White Hatchback15
Yellow Hatchback16
Black Truck17
Blue Truck18
Green Truck19
Orange Truck20
Purple Truck21
Red Truck22
White Truck23
Yellow Truck24
Black Sedan25
Blue Sedan26
Green Sedan27
Orange Sedan28
Purple Sedan29
Red Sedan30
White Sedan31
Yellow Sedan32
Police Car33
Black Van35
Blue Van36
Green Van37
Orange Van38
Purple Van39
Red Van40
White Van41
Yellow Van42
Black Roadster43
Blue Roadster44
Green Roadster45
Orange Roadster46
Purple Roadster47
Red Roadster48
White Roadster49
Yellow Roadster50
Forest Ural51
Forest Armored Offroader52
Forest APC53
Desert Ural55
Desert Armored Offroader56
Desert APC57
Black Snowmobile59
Blue Snowmobile60
Green Snowmobile61
Orange Snowmobile62
Purple Snowmobile63
Red Snowmobile64
White Snowmobile65
Yellow Snowmobile66
Black Quad67
Blue Quad68
Green Quad69
Orange Quad70
Purple Quad71
Red Quad72
White Quad73
Yellow Quad74
Black Racecar77
Blue Racecar78
Green Racecar79
Orange Racecar80
Purple Racecar81
Red Racecar82
White Racecar83
Yellow Racecar84
Forest Offroader87
Desert Offroader88
Makeshift Vehicle89
Makeshift Vehicle90
Makeshift Vehicle91
Forest Transport Heli93
Desert Transport Heli94
Black Jetski98
Blue Jetski99
Green Jetski100
Orange Jetski101
Purple Jetski102
Red Jetski103
White Jetski104
Yellow Jetski105
Police Helicopter106
Police Launch108
Rainbow Hatchback109
Black Auto110
Blue Auto111
Green Auto112
Orange Auto113
Purple Auto114
Red Auto115
White Auto116
Yellow Auto117
Russia APC119
Forest Tank120
Desert Tank121
Luggage Car122
Black Rover125
Blue Rover126
Green Rover127
Orange Rover128
Purple Rover129
Red Rover130
White Rover131
Yellow Rover132
Attack Heli135
Russia Ural136
Russia Tank137
Russia Tractor138
Moon Buggy139
Fighter Jet140
Prison Truck142
Russia Armored Offroader143
Russia Transport Heli144
Russia Military Offroader145
Coalition Offroader146
Coalition Ural147
Russia APC148
Black Rally Car149
Blue Rally Car150
Green Rally Car151
Orange Rally Car152
Purple Rally Car153
Red Rally Car154
White Rally Car155
Yellow Rally Car156
Black Beetle158
Blue Beetle159
Green Beetle160
Orange Beetle161
Purple Beetle162
Red Beetle163
White Beetle164
Yellow Beetle165
German Police Car166
German Firetruck167
German Ambulance168
German Police Helicopter169
France Military Offroader170
France Ural171
France APC172
France Tank173
Hind France174
France Transport Heli175
Black Dirtbike176
Blue Dirtbike177
Green Dirtbike178
Orange Dirtbike179
Purple Dirtbike180
Red Dirtbike181
White Dirtbike182
Yellow Dirtbike183
Orca France184
Blue Cargo Train186
Orange Cargo Train187
Police Motorcycle188
France Thrasher700
France Stomper701
France Sagaie702
France Maelstrom703
France Black Cargo Truck704
France Blue Cargo Truck705
France Green Cargo Truck706
France Orange Cargo Truck707
France Purple Cargo Truck708
France Red Cargo Truck709
France White Cargo Truck710
France Yellow Cargo Truck711
France Speed Boat712
France Renegade713
France Renegade714
France Renegade715
France Renegade716
France Insurgent717
France Insurgent718
France Insurgent719
France Insurgent720
France Armored Train721
France Black Scooter722
France Blue Scooter723
France Green Scooter724
France Orange Scooter725
France Purple Scooter726
France Red Scooter727
France White Scooter728
France Yellow Scooter729
France Black Compact730
France Blue Compact731
France Green Compact732
France Orange Compact733
France Purple Compact734
France Red Compact735
France White Compact736
France Yellow Compact737
France Rally Compact738
France Rally Compact739
France Speed Boat740
Armored Police Truck802
Fire Tanker804
Fire Chief805
Coastguard Truck809
Coastguard Seaplane810
Red Sportscar811
Black Sportscar812
Blue Sportscar813
Green Sportscar814
Orange Sportscar815
Purple Sportscar816
White Sportscar817
Yellow Sportscar818
Orange Dune Buggy819
Red Dune Buggy820
Black Dune Buggy821
Blue Dune Buggy822
Green Dune Buggy823
Purple Dune Buggy824
White Dune Buggy825
Yellow Dune Buggy826
Fishing Boat827
Coastguard Jeep828
Desert Truck829
War Machine830
Blue Scrounger832
Black Scrounger833
Green Scrounger834
Orange Scrounger835
Red Scrounger836
Purple Scrounger837
White Scrounger838
Yellow Scrounger839
Cement Truck841
Skid Loader842
Sport Dune Buggy843
Auto Gyro846
Delivery Truck847
Makeshift Raft848
Hot Air Balloon849
Police Jeep3504
Grasslands Chinook3505
Grasslands Ural3507
Grasslands Offroader3508
Grasslands Armored Offroader3509
Grasslands Transport Heli3510
Grasslands Tank3511
Belgium Woodlands APC9000
Belgium Woodlands Armored Offroader9001
Belgium Woodlands Offroader9002
Belgium Woodlands Ural9003
Belgium Woodlands Tank9004
Belgium Woodlands Transport Heli9005
Belgium Skyland Plane9006
Belgium Thunderstorm9007
Belgium Black Nikola9008
Belgium Blue Nikola9009
Belgium Red Nikola9010
Belgium White Nikola9011
Belgium Lionne9012
Black Cooper15000
Blue Cooper15001
Green Cooper15002
Orange Cooper15003
Purple Cooper15004
Red Cooper15005
White Cooper15006
Black Scout15007
Blue Scout15008
Green Scout15009
Orange Scout15010
Purple Scout15011
Red Scout15012
White Scout15013
Yellow Scout15014
Ireland Tank15015
Ireland APC15030
Ireland Huey15031
Ireland Jeep15032
Ireland Ural15034
Ireland Humvee15035
Carpat Bus23001
Carpat Black Lanus23002
Carpat Blue Lanus23003    
Carpat Green Lanus23004
Carpat Orange Lanus23005
Carpat Red Lanus23006
Carpat White Lanus23007
Carpat Police Car23008
Carpat Ambulance23009

How to Use Unturned Codes

To use any console code, press T on your keyboard to open the Console, then type your desired code and hit Enter. Vehicle’s codes are “/vehicle [ID number]”, so to spawn a Taxi, you would need to type “/vehicle 76”. Using codes will disable earning achievements, and you cannot use codes in Multiplayer, so be warned!

If you’re looking for more offensive power while on the road, finding IDs for your favorite guns might be a good idea, too.

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