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Forza Motorsport 6 Tips and Strategies

by Prima Games Staff

Forza Motorsport 6 roared its way to Xbox One, and if you thought Forza Motorsport 5 was something, you haven’t seen anything yet. This game features more tracks and cars to choose from, along with the sublime online racing experience you’ve come to expect from Turn 10 Studios. It’s also a bit more challenging, as you make your way up the circuit and eventually unlock premium rides worth the purchase.

Rev your engine and achieve the first place finish with these Forza 6 tips! 

Using Assists

When you first get started in Forza Motorsport 6, you’ll find a number of Assists turned on. These are automatic mechanisms that activate over the course of a race, doing everything from helping with brakes to providing power steering for certain vehicles. These are completely optional, but you might want to get the hang of the driving first before you go crazy and switch them off. 

Obviously Forza veterans will be right at home with the controls, so they should have no trouble turning off the assists and getting the most from their rides. For rookies, however, it helps to start slow, especially when it comes to braking. After all, taking a turn too tightly without any braking will often result in a spinout. So make sure you leave this assist turned on. Besides, depending on Drivatar difficulty, other cars will be doing it as well – you won’t be the only slowpoke. 

Once you gain racing experience, you can play around with different options. For instance, there’s ABS, which helps when it comes to keeping your acceleration steady so you aren’t spinning your wheels. You can tinker with this and see how you fare without it, and it shouldn’t penalize you too much. Don’t do it right away, though. Take a few laps and see what works for you, then check your options.

Traction and Stability Control (TCS for short) is vital for most racers, save for the experts who can deal without it. It balances your car enough so you won’t end up on the side of the road, save for those times when you don’t use your brakes properly. Try to keep this on as long as possible before you go venturing off without it. 

These assists are meant to help you learn racing techniques, but they can be limiting to more professional players. It never hurts to tinker, and when necessary, rewind when you make too many mistakes.

Mods Are Your Friends 

A new feature added to Forza Motorsport 6 is the ability to upgrade your ride (temporarily) with the help of Mods. These can be purchased in packs using your in-game cash, and there are various types, from your most basic packs to premium ones that can offer quite a bit for a high price. 

You can only equip so many during a race (three at a time), so it helps to learn what they can do for you. You may be able to earn more of a reward from a race, or use a certain member of a crew to help excel a certain part of your car for that particular race, or offer some form additional bonus for using a certain type of handling or component.

Many Mods are available, and although some (like what’s in the Premium pack) are better than others, you’ll still make good use of them no matter what you end up getting. Like with the Assists, experiment and see what they have to offer with each race. You may become addicted just enough to buy more, and in this case, the more the merrier, as you can earn additional rewards and come across certain challenges. 

Keep in mind that Mods can only be used with certain events, mainly in Career and Free Race modes. You won’t be able to utilize them in hardcore multiplayer matches or leagues. After all, that’s where natural racing is supposed to shine anyway. Still, make the most of them whenever you can, and see what they can offer for you. 

Weather Conditions and Night Time Racing

Daytime races are a breeze in Forza Motorsport 6, as you can easily see the track, as well as where your competition is most of the time. However, there are other conditions you can partake in, including night and rain events. These add a degree of challenge to the game, mainly due to some limitations. 

For instance, with night races, you only have the lighting from your vehicle to see where you’re headed – and that can wreak havoc with certain hairpin turns, or other cars that tend to get in your way. For these, we recommend using the dashboard cam, as you’ll get a better view of what’s ahead instead of just focusing on your car. You’ll also want to pay attention to the guiding line on the road (if it’s turned on) so you can see what kind of turns are coming up. Watch out for other cars as well – you’ll see them get into your peripheral vision if they get close, and you can easily drive around them.

As for rain, it’s an entirely different beast. Rain will make the roads slick, and if you’re using an outside camera view, you’ll also get some rain drops on the camera. (it’s a neat effect, but may be distracting to hardcore players.) Stick with an in-cockpit view to get the best perspective (or dashboard, that works as well) and keep an eye on the ground. 

You’ll want to take it easy around corners, as well as with big puddles. Running through these at top speed could cause your vehicle to curve a little, as your tires will have to put up with the pressure. The best thing you can do is avoid the puddles as much as you can (they’re easier to see from a higher perspective), and handle yourself carefully around the corners. Do this, and you’ll be singin’ in the rain – all the way to a victory. 

Good luck, and we’ll see you on the racetrack!

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