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Forza Horizon 3 Best Tips – Perks, Skill Point Chains

by Bryan Dawson

Racing games have come a long way on the Xbox One and PC, but that doesn’t mean you’re an expert just yet. With the release of Forza Horizon 3 we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer some of the best tips for beginner’s and intermediate players alike. If you’ve been playing Forza for years, you may already know some of these tips, but there may be some you don’t know as well. Anyone new to the Horizon series should definitely take a look below!

Unlocking Perks

There are quite a few perks you can unlock as you play through Forza Horizon 3 and earn skill points performing various stunts and just racing on the tracks. If you want to make the most of the perks available, unlock any skill-boosting perks before anything else. By increasing the amount of skill points you earn through the stunts and general racing, you will earn skill points much faster and therefore have access to even more perks.

Skill Songs

You can change the radios station within Forza Horizon 3 to match the musical genre of your choice. While you may have a personal preference as to which station is the best, if you want to earn skill points as quickly as possible you should change the radio to the classical station. Occasionally a skill song will play that double your multiplier (raising it to a maximum of x10). There isn’t a significant difference between the frequency of these skill songs, but on the classical station the songs generally play for a longer period of time (as long as 10 minutes in our experience), so you get more time to max out your skill points multiplier.

Drift Through Crop Fields

As you play through Forza Horizon 3 you’ll come across several farms with large fields or crops. If you’re looking to max out your skill points multiplier head right into these fields and get your stunt on. As you drift through the various crops you will quickly and easily increase your skill point chain to earn massive skill points. Once you get the hang of the stunts in the game you can really go crazy in the fields.

Hunt for Bonus Boards

If you check out your map you’ll notice a number of bonus boards scattered around. These boards can reduce the cost of warping around the map, or give you experience points (XP). Unfortunately, some of these bonus boards aren’t easy to find. If you get to a point on the map where there’s supposed to be a bonus board and you can’t find it, look in caves, on top of buildings and pretty much anywhere you might think to hide one of these. They’re not always in plain sight, but they’re always somewhere nearby.

Rewind is Good

Danger Jump PR stunts can be difficult to land perfectly. If you want to top your best score you’re going to want to get the perfect speed and angle. Sometimes you’ll hit the jump just a bit off, but fear not. If you use the rewind button while you’re in the air, you can course correct and get yourself back on track for the perfect stunt to score big points. Rewind also comes in handy while generally racing if your take a bad corner or just have a bad lap in general.

We’ll have more Forza Horizon 3 coverage all week long, so stay tuned to Prima Games!

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