As part of the Week 9 Challenges in Fortnite, you’ll need to find and emote at stone statues. Two locations will be marked on the map when you interact with this particular task in the game’s list of Quests, but no additional information is provided.  

What do the stone statues look like? Do you need to emote at each location, or just pick one? All questions we’ve heard being asked recently in response to the Week 9 Challenges.

To help simplify things, we’ve put together a guide walking you through where to find and emote at stone statues in Fortnite.

Fortnite | Where to Find Stone Statues, Emote at Stone Statues

The first step when it comes to the stone statue task as part of the Week 9 Challenges in Fortnite is knowing where to find these stone statues.

As noted in our opening paragraph, you can interact with the task as it appears in your Quest list to see two tagged locations pop up on your map.

In the map image above, we’ve marked each of these locations for you for additional reference. You can pick either location, you don’t have to emote at stone statues at both of these locations.

As long as you emote near stone statues at one of these locations, you’re set and the challenge will be marked as complete. 

As for what the stone statues look like, they have different appearances in each area.

In the Coral Castle, they look like adorable, smiling fish as seen in the image below.

At Colossal Coliseum, the statues are found at the entrance and look like llamas.

Once you’re in proximity to one of these statues, you can use any emote you like.

In response, you should see a notification pop up that the challenge has been completed and you’ve earned 20,000 XP as a reward.

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