If you’re looking to complete all of the Week 12 Challenges in Fortnite, you’ll likely have questions including where to find a family portrait from a shipwreck.

Out of all the Week 12 Challenges, the instructions for this one are certainly the most unclear. What shipwreck? How do you retrieve the family portrait?

Below, we’ve got all the answers for you in a guide that’ll help you find a family portrait from a shipwreck in Fortnite! 

Fortnite Week 12 Challenges | Find a Family Portrait From a Shipwreck 

One of the Week 12 Challenges in Fortnite tasks players with finding a family portrait from a shipwreck.

The first thing you’re going to want to do in order to complete this Challenge is finding a shipwreck, or the equivalent of a shipwreck. 

In the map image above, we’ve circled a good location to visit when it comes to finding a shipwreck as it’s not really a shipwreck but the aftermath of one… if that makes sense.

Once you land there, you’re going to want to head through the shipping containers and look for an open red shipping container with another red shipping container on top of it.

Inside, on the ground, you’ll see a glowing blue portrait. When you interact with the portrait, you’ll “find” it and the Week 12 Challenge will be complete. 

Note that this isn’t the only location where you can find a family portrait from a shipwreck. Any coastal location that has a shipwreck should have a family portrait for you to find.

We mention this particular location as it seems to be an area that isn’t visited as frequently as some of the other shipwreck locations.

As a reward for completing this Week 12 Challenge, you’ll earn 20,000 XP and can move on to other Challenges and Quests in Fortnite.

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