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Fortnite – Water, Ranger, and Air Traffic Control Tower Locations

by Larryn Bell

One of Fortnite’s multi-staged Battle Pass challenges for Week 5 of Season 7 involves dancing on top a series of towers that are found throughout the map. There are three towers to look for, and you must dance on each one in the order they are listed to make progress in the challenge. Below, we’ll show you where to find the water tower, ranger tower, and air traffic control tower in Fortnite so you can bust a move atop each and be on your way.

Water Tower Location

Water Tower Location Fortnite

The first stage of the challenge requires players to dance on top of a water tower in Fortnite. The water tower in question is located at the southeast corner of Retail Row. If you’re unsure what to look for, it’s a large metal tower with a spherical tank at the top. 

It’s best to land directly on top the tower from the start if possible, rather than building your way up. Use a dance emote on top the tower to complete Stage 1. You will likely run into a ton of players aiming to do the same thing, so don’t expect to live very long afterward.

Ranger Tower Location

Ranger Tower Location Fortnite

Stage 2 requires you to dance on top of a ranger tower in Fortnite. You will find the ranger tower over in Lonely Lodge on the east side of the map. The ranger tower is the tall wooden watchtower with a staircase around its column leading to a lookout room at the top. Try to land on the roof and dance quickly so you can snag the nearby chests and be on your way.

Air Traffic Control Tower Location

Air Traffic Control Tower Fortnite

The third and final stage of this challenge takes you to the new snow biome on the southwest corner of the Fortnite map, where you are tasked with dancing on top of an air traffic control tower. As you might have guessed, you will find Fortnite’s air traffic control tower over in Frosty Flights, where you can also find several plane spawns.

You’re looking for a tall red tower with a white satellite dish at the top near the center of Frosty Flights. Dance on top of this tower to complete the challenge.

Now that you know where to find all of the towers for Week 5’s multi-stage challenge in Fortnite, you can move on to some of the other Season 7 challenges, including finding the NOMS letters or launching fireworks in Fortnite. If you’re still in a dancing mood, make sure to cut a rug at each of Fortnite’s forbidden dance locations as well.

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