There will not be a better time to be both a Star Wars and Fortnite fan than this weekend when the highly anticipated The Rise of Skywalker event for the newest entry in the legendary movie franchise takes place. This Star Wars event will be giving players a look at an exclusive scene from the upcoming movie. Fortunately for you, curious folk, we have the start time and location of the event covered for you. 

Fortnite Star Wars Event Start Time

The location of the Star Wars event in the battle royale title will be Risky Reels and will be kicking off at the start time of 11 AM PST/ 1 PM CST/ 2 PM EST on Saturday, December 14th. However, players will be able to start making their way to Risky Reels to secure a spot in the showing at the time of 10:30 AM PST/ 12:30 PM CST/ 1:30 PM EST on December 14th. 

Fortnite Star Wars Event Start Time

The Rise of Skywalker Director J.J. Abrams will also be in attendance at the Star Wars event and will likely play a role in the showing of the exclusive scene at its official start time.

There are expected to be a vast number of players tuning in to watch this Star Wars preview occur. Past events in the life of the battle royale game have garnered millions of views, so it is unlikely that one focused on such a high-profile movie release will not collect the same amount of attention. 

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